We photographed mom and daughter when she was expecting a few years ago. It was a classic session in a classic location, city hall. Mom wanted to do it again by having a classic location repeat session. We are honored to get another call to take family portrait. This time we were going to include the whole family. It was wonderful to see the girls again and meet dad and little sister. The session was not unlike every other session that involved lots of smiles, a bit of sass and a twist of ice cream bribery! The rules at city hall have changed a bit over the past couple of years. Instead of getting a permit and taking photos after hours they are closed to the public. Therefore, during business hours is the best. They suggested later in the day toward the end of the week. It was perfect, not many people wandering around. We were hoping to keep the session to 30 minutes but we had lots that we wanted to accomplish. The plan was to take family photos, the girls together and individual, mom with the girls and dad with the girls. We did it! We were able to get all of that done and even take a few headshots for mom. All photos taken in one area make the session run super smoothly.  We are able to get a few more poses because we are not moving around too much. These images have such a classic look to them because of the marble stairs. Mom also dressed everyone in such classic black and white clothing that these are going to be timeless. Of course, we will need to update photos as the girls get older, but these will be classic forever. We love going to these classic locations and hope to bring others back more often to capture these timeless photos.   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #locationsession #classicphotos
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