Jeanna contacted us because she was planning a small wedding event in St. Louis. A day surrounded by love! We are always honored to be a part of these special moments. It is wonderful to hear when people find us for these events. Her fiancĂ© lives in St. Louis and she was coming up to visit him. They planned on getting a marriage license while she was in St. Louis. They knew they wanted to start their lives together unite the full family. Paul has 3 kids that just adore Jeanna. After some consideration of when they would get the marriage license, they decided to get married while she was in town. Putting together a quick ceremony surrounded by close friends was easy to do when you find the right people. She found a small chapel that included all the wedding services, family helped with the planning and we were the icing on the cake. Capturing these moments is very important, we enjoy having the opportunity. When we arrived everyone was there and ready so we were able to get most of the photos before the ceremony. A spring storm was looming! We knew that if we finished at the chapel early we could take photos at a nearby park. We were able to get photos with everyone in attendance. Those are going to be wonderful memories years to come. They spent the day surrounded by love. Love from family, friends, the kids and of course each other. The newly created family went to the park to take photos before the rain. I am glad we were able to do that because now they have tons of photos together on this special day. We know they are not going to live in the St. Louis area but we hope we are able to work with them again in the future. Congrats!   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #weddingphotography #parkphotos #stlouisweddingchapel

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