Why does it seem like our birthday club members are growing up so fast? After the first two years we see them yearly, which seems like a long time, however the time goes by so fast and then here we are again at the park for a birthday session. James was ready for his session when he got to the park with mom and dad. He had just gotten a hair cut and brought his prize from the salon with him. It was a rubber snake – boy did that come in handy. James didn’t have any trouble smiling but he really cracked up with the snake was dancing around, singing a song or tickling mom or dad. James did swing it around between poses and we quickly realized that it had some bounce to it, making it a sort of rubbery weapon when you got to close to him. It was just great to see him give it up when it was time for him to take photos again. Last time we did photos it was all James alone, so this year it was time to get some family photos. We got so many options because James loved smiling with mom and dad, his favorite was probably sitting on dads back for a photo! After some funny faces with dad, kisses for mom and some wonderful photos of James alone we decided to continue the fun. James really loves dinosaurs so we met in Forest park since there are a couple of dinosaur statues there. We knew that he would have fun playing with them, well he couldn’t exactly play with them, but he was able to hide behind them and sit on their feet. Of course, mom thought of everything and brought some dinosaur toys to play with during the photos. James sat down to play with the statues in the background, a perfect photo. He even gave us a lesson on some of his favorite dinosaurs as well as answered all the questions from dad about the types of dinosaurs correctly. Well, I guess he did because we don’t know much about dinosaurs! It was wonderful to catch up after such a crazy year. See you again next year!

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