The days go by so fast but we don’t realize how fast until we get a call from someone wanting to set up a one year session. How can we be doing a one year session already? We have worked with this couple a few times now. Engagement photos, wedding day, newborn and now the twins are one year. Yep, twins! We had no idea what to expect other than one of them was walking and the other was not quite there yet. Once kids start walking it is a game changer because we know attention is limited because they are on the move. After a series of emails to schedule, re-schedule and questioning the rain we were finally able to get together for this one year session. Mom had a few things in mind, we were happy to get those photos. What mom didn’t expect was that the boys would not be in the mood to smile. We know that happens sometimes but that is the beauty of doing the photo outdoors. We can move around to other spots, find things that interest the boys and even give one a break while we are taking photos of the other sibling. It was one of the first hot days of the season and none of us were ready. That made it a bit harder because everyone started sweating and getting red faces. However, despite the heat and boys that were not in the mood to smile, we were able to get some great photos. First of all, we got those smile by just letting them play! We may have broken out the bread pillow that mom said for some reason makes them smile. It was the first bread pillow I have seen and yep, it worked. Also, some movement helped during this one year session. I haven’t met a walking one year old that wants to just sit and smile. Trust us mom and dad, we will get those great photos. It might be a bit different than what you expected would happen during the session. But the wonderful photos afterward are all that mater. #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #locationphotos #yearlyphotos #springphotos #oneyearphotos
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