Natalie and Jalen enjoy a perfect day! They planned a wedding at the end of September hoping for the fall weather. They were surprised by the heat but did get a bit of fall color. It is never easy to determine what the weather will be in St. Louis. We can have an early fall or a late fall. This year it seems to be coming a bit later than expected. That didn’t stop this wonderful couple from having a perfect day. We met up with Natalie and the girls as they got ready at a house near the ceremony location. The girls were putting on the finishing touches when we arrived. Everyone wanted to provide Natalie and Jalen with the wedding they wished. A first look started off the photos, Jalen was right on time giving Natalie a sigh of relief because she was anxious to see him. We set up Jalen in a position where he couldn’t see Natalie as she got set behind him. The magic began as soon as she tapped him on the shoulder. They smiled, laughed, gazed into each other’s eyes, and the love radiated off of them. They were ready to get married and we were ready to capture the moments. Since the wedding was on a Friday it was a bit later in the evening. This timeline gave us the opportunity to take the majority of photos prior to the ceremony. We knew there was a limited window of time at the Jewel Box, where the ceremony took place. So we planned on taking photos at other locations in Forest Park. Despite the unexpectedly warm weather, the day was perfect.. Natalie and Jalen enjoy a perfect day as some fallen leaves in the grass gave the impression that fall was on the horizon The wedding party had a fun time relaxing together before they headed to the Jewel Box. We were able to get hundreds of photos of the couple with all their friends and family. They seem very close to each and every one of them. They looked around them and wanted a photo with each person that was there to support them. Natalie shared the story of how they knew each person. They made everyone around them feel very important. Natalie’s father performed the ceremony, how special for the entire family. All of the parents spoke about the couple and the crowd finished the ceremony with a special blessing for them. The evening would not be complete without a party, and party they did. We were only at the reception for a short time but we know they had fun the entire time. Congratulations and we look forward to working with you again soon.     #ravettaphotography #fallwedding #stlphotographer #weddingphotography #weddingphotos #stlwedding #fallphotography

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