I was excited to photograph this family! We had worked with them before but not since the twins have been born so we were looking forward to meeting everybody. We hoped for a great fall day considering the week we did photos worked out well in mom schedule and also the school schedule. However what we got was a very cold fall day. As we do with all sessions, we confirmed the day before to make sure the plan was still to meet at the park and it looked like the weather was going to be OK. We confirmed to move forward and meet the next morning. When we arrived the rain was still a little bit of a mist but during the session that did stop. Since it had been raining for almost the whole day before and that morning everything was wet. Luckily we came prepared with some towels to dry things off but keeping fingers and nose warm was a whole different story. All the kids started off really strong taking pictures, smiling, doing exactly what we wanted them to do! On the walk to the next location Wesley took a little bit of a spill and needed some time to calm down. That gave us an opportunity to take some individual photos of the other kids. Ewan is totally a pro at this now, he stood smiled and we have many great photos. As with all twins when Wesley was ready for photos Stevie was kind of over it. He wanted his turn to have mom time. We did find a nice bench to sit on with the twins with mom and dad bouncing knees up and down they smiled and laughed at the monkey that we brought with us. These photos along with some walking images give them some great photos to send to their family members. We did try to get a few photos of the three boys together but that just didn’t work out. We do have some really cute photos Ewan playing with each of his brothers separately underneath a blanket. It really shows some great smiles from all of them. After the session the family decided to stop at IHOP on the way home and mom sent us a message saying they were all smiles while they ate their breakfast. Perhaps we should’ve done the session there, sounds good to us maybe some pancake birthday photos the next time we see you. #ravettaphotography #parkphotos #stlphotographer #fallsession

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