Abbie and Colin decided that they would pick their photographer as one of the first things when planning their wedding. We had done Abbie’s sister’s wedding so she knew exactly where to go. During our initial meeting, we spoke of the engagement session that we include with our wedding packages. They were both really looking forward to taking the engagement photos and wanted them to be very special. They met in the grove during Grove Fest. So it made total sense that we started our session in the grove. Together we walked the streets using the colorful murals, doorways, steps and all of the areas that are special to them. Abbie and Colin spent so much time together in the Grove which brought up the conversation about how they met. As he pointed out his old apartment building, Colin mentioned that if he did not live in the Grove area he would’ve never met Abbie. One of his neighbors in his apartment building was a friend of hers. They had all gotten together at Grove Fest, that is when they met. Abbie actually admitted that she almost canceled on going to that event but boy I bet she is happy that she didn’t cancel. They had mentioned that they wanted lots of interacting photos not everything looking at the camera, great we love those images too. Wow, they are really great at having so much fun and interacting with each other. The photos really show their personality! Abbie and Colin really have so much together. It was so much exciting to capture the laughs they had the entire session. Sadly, the time went so fast that it was quickly the end of the session. Truly, we could have spent so much more time together. We are really excited to work with them on the wedding day!   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #engagementphotos #parkphotos #thegrove

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