Wedding season has begun with a bang! Abby and Colin had a perfect day and enjoyed every minute of it from start to finish. After an amazing engagement session last year we knew that this wedding was going to be so much fun. The energy from everyone was showing from the very beginning to the last moments of the evening. We arrived at the church slightly before Abby and Colin. They came separately because they wanted to keep traditional and not see each other before the wedding. It was a busy morning with guests arriving so we decided to keep Abby downstairs. We didn’t want anyone to see her before the ceremony. However, we were able to get photos of Colin, the boys and his amazing socks with Abby’s face on them! A classically perfect ceremony with some humor from the priest followed by family photos kept the day running smoothly. Impressively, we were actually ahead of our timing schedule which gave us time to go to a few park locations on the way to the reception. We had to start off with a photo in The Grove because that is where they met. We took a photo under the sign during the engagement session so they wanted to recreate that photo on the wedding day. After safely navigating the street we took the wedding party to Tower Grove park. Little did we know that it was prom night, we were surrounded by students taking prom photos. We had the best looking group by far with our bride and groom! We knew that Abby and Colin had fun personalities but this is the part of the day that we are able to really capture those. The pre-wedding jitters have gone, the ceremony is over, the formal photos are completed and now it is time to just have a good time. They had so much energy the whole afternoon. That energy created some perfect photos along with some they will surely be laughing at for years. The Noble is a unique wedding venue that suited this couple perfectly. We took a few photos with the bank vault, utilized the cigar room and even got a photo of everyone at the reception from above! These photos are going to be lasting memories of a perfect day, especially the one where Colin took to the mic and started singing! We loved being a part of your wedding, thank you.   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #weddingphotographer #springwedding #happilyeverhundelt
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