Weddings have been much different this year. They either have a smaller amount of people due to regulations, downsized to just a quick ceremony with a rescheduled reception or postponed entirely to next year. But when we spoke with Abby and Nick they were planning to move forward as normal. Well of course not exactly everything was normal, some masks were worn, sanitizer for guest and a bit of social distancing. However those small changes were not going to stop these two from having a great day. We were happy to be there to capture every moment of it. Abby knew about our studio because we photographed her brother’s wedding. During the quarantine earlier this year she called the office to talk about wedding package options. Since we were not allowed to have clients in the office we discussed everything over the phone. She was happy to schedule with us without an in person consultation because she was aware of our quality product and service. We are always excited to work with families again for another wedding. We have often done siblings, cousins and now even children of the weddings we did 40 years ago! The day started off with the threat of some rain showers, but the weather was wonderful. As we took some images prior to the ceremony a few sprinkles were felt falling from the sky. Luckily that was it for most of the day! After the ceremony we traveled to a park location that we have actually not been before and it was amazing. A wonderful overlook of the trees with a lake at the bottom of the hill, it was refreshing to see something new to create unique images for this couple. As we finished up the park photos everyone was getting a bit warm so we enjoyed the moments to cool off on the way to the reception. Upon our arrival we had planned on doing a few more photos on the golf course, well it started to rain again, but only for a few minutes which gave us the perfect window of opportunity to grab a few more stunning photos. We really enjoyed watching everyone have such a great time at the reception. So much laughter and smiles were capture by us as well as Nick on his GoPro. Not having seen people together in awhile, a group having fun made everything seem more regular to us. Thanks Abby and Nick for having us there to capture some normal this crazy year. #wedding #stlwedding #stlouisphotographer #ravettaphotography #summerwedding

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