A small local company like us really enjoys working with clients we have worked with before. Our relationship could be just one other session or it could go farther back than that. Perhaps we did school photos for you, family photos, weddings, etc. This is how far back we have known Kerri and we are thankful for the repeat clients such as her. Kerri called and was hoping to get the session done as soon as possible, luckily we were able to get her in within a few days. Since the photos were just of Carolynn a mini session was the perfect option. We selected a spot in Tower Grove park and met there on a beautiful, yet a bit warm, morning. I had forgotten to mention that the park roads were going to be blocked off but luckily Kerri was able to find a place to park. After getting a bit turned around in the park we found each other, she had saved my cell phone number from when we did her wedding. Never know when you might need to call your photographer!! When we got settled Kerri mentioned that Carolynn might take a moment to warm up to us. She did but really a moment was all it took. Then she was all smiles for both us and mom, it was easy to get some great images. As we walked around the park we chatted about the kids and how Kerri was surprised how “girly” Carolynn seems at such a young age. We tried some photos on the ground near a tree and we knew she was not a huge fan because the smiles stopped a bit, although she never got upset about it. More like “really ladies, this is not my type of photo” So a quick change to a rainbow dress brought those smiles right back out. It was a joy to work with such a sweet baby and we look forward to doing more photos with this family in the future. #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #towergrovepark #springsession  

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