Allie and John were smiling their entire wedding day from the moment we arrived to the end of the evening. They were lucky enought to have a beautiful day in September. We started off with Allie at her parent’s house while she got ready with the Bridesmaids. The house was familiar since we photographed her sister’s wedding. But even with the familiarity, everything was very different because it was Allie’s big day this time. Although weddings are very similar in structure each one is very unique. What stood out to us right away at the church was the excitement of the guests gathered together. Normally when a guest enters a church they find their seat and wait for the ceremony to start. Allie and John have way more social people in their families! They were wandering around greeting each other, hugging and enjoying the moments since it has been so long since they have been together. The coordinator had to make an announcement for everyone to sit down so Allie could walk down the aisle to John. We spent a good amount of time at the park taking photos of the couple with the wedding party. But first, we had to make a stop at their first home together. This photo is so sweet because this is the location they will begin their married life together. Many years from now when family is talking about Allie and John this is they type of photo that they will bring out. After a quick stop downtown to grab a few photos with the arch we headed to the reception. The theme of mingling, hugging, and greeting continued even here during cocktail hour. It was great to see that at a wedding and this carried on the whole evening. How very special to see so many people together in one place after such a long time. It has taken 2 years for the family to get together. At the same time, everyone was brought together at their event, Allie and John were brought together in marriage. We enjoyed spending time with them. Love and support will surround them throughout their whole marriage.   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #weddingphotos #fallwedding #stlwedding

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