Allie contacted the studio after she had a wedding date because we photographed her sister’s wedding. She was ready to pick a package and secure us as the photographer for her wedding since she knew the quality she would receive from us. We quickly got a date on the schedule for the engagement photos because she was thinking fall colors and our fall dates book up quickly. We selected Lafayette park because the colors were starting to look very pretty which is exactly what Allie wanted. It was a bit of a gloomy day however it worked out perfectly for lighting at the park. The temperature wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be, and the clothing they selected fit with the season. Allie and John showed up to the park with a few ideas, always great when couples have a bit of an idea what they want. However, for those that don’t we have plenty of ideas ourselves. John didn’t know what to expect during the session but he had a great attitude the whole time. Even rolling with it when Allie said, “hey give me a piggy back ride”. Seriously, these two make our job easy! They brought some special wine glasses that we used for a little picnic in the park…well it was a blanket and wine…that’s good enough for a picnic, right? John was in charge of getting the wine and since it was going to be in photos he thought get something with a nice looking label. Such attention to details, we know the wedding is going to be spectacular! Since, we know a few of Allie’s family members we talked about how everyone was doing. It was nice to get the update on everyone. We also talked about all the wedding plans, just like all couples, they are hoping for a beautiful wedding day. We can’t wait to work with them next year!   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #engagementphotos #fallphotos
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