We enjoy all the different stages of our birthday club member sessions. We are often asked what we prefer  – a session in the studio or outdoors. For the kids that are always on the move, walking….running and just don’t stop we definitely prefer outdoors. When we are in the studio the kids need to stay in a certain area where we put the lighting. Sometimes this helps keeps the kids still but most of the time they just want to move. We don’t want them to get upset because they have to stay in one area. An outdoor session is best because we can move with them. We pick a spot to take photos but then we can quickly get up and move to another area to keep the kids interested. This little guy was recently in our studio for a session with bunnies. He always has interest in our equipment. He got very up close to everything and looked carefully at all the parts. When we arrived at the park he showed interest in our equipment just like last time. But since he is always on the move he was ready to run around the park. We were able to get some perfect pictures with mom and dad, then also some fun images of them interacting. There were even a few running photos as he was passing by us running around some trees. It may have seemed like we were just chasing him around the park…mainly because we were most of the session. However, it only takes a few moments to get a photo. And those casual playful photos are sometimes our favorites. We look forward to running around in the park when he turns 3. Our birthday club members are so much fun and it is wonderful to get to know them more and more during each session. #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #parkphotos #yearlyphotos #springphotos #twoyearphotos
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