It took us a while to put together a post for Ian and Ashley because we couldn’t decide what to talk about. We could go on forever about this energetic couple and figured that our readers didn’t need a book to read. Ashley and Ian met sophomore year of high school but didn’t start dating until the end of junior year. Ashley is very close to her family – we know because we have known them for years. We have done family photos, weddings, and grandkids photos. Often more than one family member comes to the sessions because they really enjoy spending time together. So on Ashley and Ian’s first date, it made sense they went to a family birthday party and he fit in so perfectly that the whole family knew they would get married. When the time finally came for him to give her the ring he designed for 8 months Ian had his family along with Ashley’s family in on the secret. They were going to take college graduation photos in The Piazza on The Hill but he had also planned on proposing. He knew how special family is so having them there when he asked Ashley was just perfect! After some thinking and changing their minds, they finally settled on an August 2023 wedding. This gave them plenty of time to take engagement photos. We couldn’t wait to finally have our chance to work with them during the session. To say they were fun to work with or easy to photograph is an understatement. We went to a few locations around St. Louis including, of course, The Piazza. How could we be so close to gelato and not get any so we did a few there too! The energy, love, and excitement from the moment they stepped out of the car continued during the entire session. We took way too many photos and we have no idea how they are going to narrow them out. Good luck! The laughter just never stopped because they really don’t take themselves too seriously and that translates great to some amazing candid engagement photos. The wedding next year is going to be amazing and we are counting down the days with them.   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #engagementphotos #forestpark #thehill #gelatostl

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