Baby Betty arrived and she just took over the family. We suggest doing a newborn session within the first 2 weeks, but Baby Betty was busy visiting family. She has so many family members that just wanted to snuggle with her. We didn’t our chance until she was almost a month old. The first few days after your baby arrives you are in a whirlwind of emotions. You tell yourself that you are going to cherish every moment when you have a baby, but time just flies by. It is almost impossible to remember the detail when looking back, which is why we are here to help you remember. It doesn’t matter if you miss the “normal” newborn stage when people tell you to take photos. Yes, the baby might be more asleep or moldable but either way you shouldn’t miss this tiny stage in life. We will often take a photo with rings or parents hands to show just how small they are at the first photo session. These are memories you will cherish as they grow. When Baby Betty arrives she was dressed in a sweet little fall outfit. She is so tiny and plaid bow was as big as her head. It was just too cute, go big or go home! A perfect outfit for family photos and another way to show just how small she was at this point. Mom had a couple of outfits and bows. Which we are happy to use because then it makes the session more personal. But if you have mom brain and just show up with a baby we have so many things we can use to wrap or pose with during the session. Baby Betty even had a photo with her great grandmas ring, how special. She looked so fancy all wrapped up with her fluffy headpiece and a gold ring with a pink stone. A cherished photo that the family will enjoy forever. We are so happy that we were able to capture these moments and look forward to working with Baby Betty again. We know we will see her for some spring photos for sure!         #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #newbornphotographer #newborngirl #babygirl #studiosession #babyphotography

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