About a month ago we got a call from a grandma who wanted to purchase a birthday club membership for her son who was expecting his second child. They are already members of our club with their first who turned 2 this year. So of course signing the new baby up as well was a must. She mentioned that it would be early November for the newborn session so we wrote that down waiting to hear from mom and dad after the baby arrived. Only a few short weeks later we got a call saying Miles was here! Yep he decided he didn’t want to wait till November so came a bit earlier than expected. We were happily able to get in a session as quick as possible in order to capture the small sweetness that all newborns bring to the images. When they arrived we got started with some family photos. Big brother was all smiles, following directions and ready to take photos. It was amazing – giving us some perfect shots of them all together! Of course after that he got a bit restless so getting brother photos took a bit longer. However little did we know the promise of some craisins did the trick. Again, wonderful images of big brother with his arms around his new buddy. Miles quickly fell asleep giving us the opportunity to pose him in multiple ways for his photos alone. When a newborn session goes this well it makes selecting photos a bit harder for mom and dad. Grandma’s too – because of course they are going to want photos! Now that we have this new birthday club member we are excited to watch him grow, show off his personality and get to know us even better. Thanks for the continued loyalty! #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #newborn #birthdayclub

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