In the weeks before Easter we have spring sessions at our office. Each year we have an animal and this past spring it was supposed to be a baby lambs. We were saddened when we had to cancel the sessions due to the business shut down at that time. As we talked to our clients they were hopeful we were able to reschedule. However as time passed we were not able to get those baby lambs again and we are looking forward to the spring sessions next year. We had one particular client that mentioned she was also expecting her second child and would contact us to do newborn photos just like we did when her first arrived. She called us to get an idea of our schedule because her Dr. had picked an induction date. Funny thing is the evening after she called us she went into labor. We were happy to hear the new addition was here and ready for photos. Benjamin was just a dream when we arrived at their house and his big sister was eager to show him off from the moment I walked in the door. Taylor was just thrilled to be a big sister and her helping skills were really showing off as she lended a hand with some of Ben’s photos. Honestly she was doing such a great job of posing in the family photos while also telling me about school, what she does at home and how much she liked that I was there to take photos. We have known this family since we did wedding photos years ago and since our client relationship has been so long at this point it’s wonderful to catch up like old friends who haven’t seen each other in awhile. The sessions often go a bit longer than expected due to our chatting but that makes it even better because they truly trust us to get the perfect images. Thanks again for calling us and we are excited to watch your kids grow. See you soon!   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #newbornsession #photosathome

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