Did we take photos at your wedding? Has your family grown recently? We want you to remember that in your final wedding order you received a gift certificate to do a portrait session for your first born baby. What a deal! We truly enjoy seeing our couples again after they start a family. The gift certificate includes the session, as well as, an 8×10 portrait. Of course you will want more than just the 8×10 so we have options to add on more photos during your viewing appointment. Also don’t forget to ask us about the Birthday club – it really is the best deal if you are wanting multiple sessions as the baby grows. Katie called because she and Mike welcomed baby Matthew a couple weeks ago so they wanted to get some newborn photos. We do recommend that for those wrapped up, sleep baby photos the session takes place within the first 10 days. However this year people have been taking a bit more time to get settled at home before they call. Whatever makes you comfortable works for us, after those first couple of weeks you will probably get a more awake baby with beautiful open eye photos. These are also amazing shots so no matter what don’t miss this session even if you call a bit later. Matthew was 2 weeks old when we met him and he was definitely awake for his session. We were able to get him to sleep for a few photos but then (being the detail oriented photographer) I would quickly move him to another pose which woke him up a bit. We don’t want all the photos in the same spot, but Mike even mentioned how quickly Matthew settled after he was moved. That’s really the key, just move the baby and then get them settled after they are in position. Between photos we all had a chance to catch up on what they have been up to over the past few years. They moved into their home right before everything closed down so they have had plenty of time to “get to know our new house” as Mike put it. Katie works as a nurse so has been extra busy these months leading up to Matthew’s arrival. It’s nice for her to take some time to be at home and relax for awhile. Even though Matthew was a bit older for those newborn photos we were able to really get so many beautiful photos of him – with mom and dad, in his nursery, on some special blankets made for him and of course his four legged furry brother! We hope Katie and Mike decide to join our birthday club because we would like to get the chance to see Matthew grow this year as we capture many more memories for this family! #ravettaphotography #newbornsession #stlphotos #familyphotoshoot #newborn #birthdayclub

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