Becky and James have been waiting what seems like forever to celebrate with family and friends. Their wedding was scheduled for April of 2020. Well we all know what happened in spring of 2020! They pushed the event back to June in hopes that they would be able to continue as planned with the reception. However, sadly that didn’t work out either. These two made the decision to get married with a small ceremony at home and just a few guest in June 2020. Then the reception would be moved to a date that everyone felt more comfortable gathering together. May of 2021 was that time! Finally, Becky got to wear her wedding dress that has been in hiding for over a year. We met this couple at a family home in Waterloo for unique images on the property. The originally venue was no longer available for the rescheduled date so the first plan of taking all the photos in one location had to be changed. I think these images are more special since it’s a family home that Becky and James were welcomed into as they finally got to celebrate their marriage. James gave Becky a “wow” when he saw her for the first time in her dress. A perfect reaction after he has been waiting so long to see his beauty. The weather called for rain but we got in all the photos before a drop hit the ground. We were very lucky with all the locations close together for us to take photos. They are going to have a very hard time picking photos from these images as well as the images taken back in June. I’m sure they will decide to keep many of them as a reminder of two wonderful days that made up their wedding celebration. The reception was filled with smiling faces who were very excited to be there for Becky and James. The toast spoke of how perfect these two fit together, how they have been enjoying married life for almost a year and the excitement that finally everyone was able to be together. They truly deserved this reception and we know they had a great time all night long. Congratulations! 

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