These sisters are best friends for life and it shows. They love spending time together and laughed the whole session. We met this wonderful trio during a newborn session a couple years ago. Mom found us online and wanted to capture the newest addition along with big sister. These girls are a bit farther apart in age than some sisters, 6 years to be exact. However, that doesn’t matter to them. After that first session we knew these girls were going to be best friends. We have done a few more sessions since that first one but it has been a bit since we saw them. We were shocked to see how much they have grown. Big sister is still just as helpful as she was when she got “her baby” a couple years ago. We knew mom wanted a few photos of the girl together but mainly this was a 2 year session. Luckily mom purchased a digital package because she would never be able to narrow down all the images of her girls. It was just smile after smile from little one! She loved what her big sister did to make her laugh. She even tried to copy a few things, I’m sure she does that often. Big sister is someone to look up to, and she surely does. Despite the 6 year age gap these girls are best friends for life. Sometimes your parents force you to be friends with your siblings. They say you have to be friends because you are family. Well, these girls don’t need to be forced at all, they adore each other. The session couldn’t have been easier, we love working with these girls. Mom and her daughters are just wonderful people inside and out. We hope to continue our relationship with them as they grow.     #ravettaphotography #siblingphotos #stlphotographer #fallphotos #towergrovepark #thegirls #photosinthepark #sisters

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