This year, despite everything going on, has seemed to fly by which is why it’s no surprise when we hear from clients that meant to get a session this summer and missed it. We usually do a summer session for this beautiful family, but time just passed by so we were quickly able to find a time to do fall photos. The tree colors seemed to be changing a week or two earlier than normal because we had a few cold days in October. I think it’s a nice change to have some fall photos instead of the same backdrops as previous sessions. When I arrived at the park all the girls jumped out of the car with big smiles! It was exciting to see they were ready to have fun at the park with me. I remember last time they were not nearly as excited about the whole process. We selected a couple locations that showed off the colors as well as the unique wood textures. This will give the family multiple options of photos to hang on the wall. I did have to work to get those smiles out after we started but only for a moment, then they all just started having fun. The girls were selecting areas they wanted photos and posing themselves – it really showed each girls personality. At the end of the session I wanted to take a few photos of the girls together. At this point I didn’t really care if they were smiling, playing or dancing. These photos are actually some of my favorites from the session because they hugged, told secrets, laughed and jumped together. Mom and dad are going to cherish these moments as they grow up. I am over joyed to have the pleasure of photographing this family. Next time we do snow photos, haha! #ravettaphotography #parkphotos #stlphotographer #fallsession

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