Puppies, sunnies, & gummies – what more could you want as a two year old? Luella had the perfect birthday club session filled with lots of flowers and FUN! We used all of our senses to embrace the beautiful flowers at the Jewel Box on a chilly Saturday morning. We even worked off some energy with a couple races against Mom! This two year old ultimately let us know when she wasn’t up for some of our ideas and she came up with a couple of her own poses, too! We love the spunk of this little lady! She was so excited to include her puppy in the majority of her photos – sharing her sunglasses with him & everything! Look how adorable. When it comes to indoor locations during the winter months, aside from our studio or your own home, options in St. Louis are fairly limited! It’s nice to finally have the Jewel Box (located within Forest Park) open to the public once again. The location is suitable for just about any type of session and the flowers are updated seasonally, making it a perfect location to photograph at all throughout the year! While Lu explored the green house, we let her take a couple snack breaks between photos. We know how much work it is to be so darn cute! Mom came prepared – per usual – with Luella’s favorite snacks, friends, & even shoes! She is also the best at incorporating her kids’ current interest into each of their annual birthday sessions. What made this particular birthday club session even more special was the fact that Grandpa shopped for & picked out her second outfit, the dress, to keep to a tradition! Such a precious story and I’m sure something Alexa will later be able to share with her when she’s older and they look back on these moments together! Can’t wait to see what big brother is now into at his session later this month! Stay sassy, Lu.   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #birthdayclub #forestpark #photoswithfavoritetoys #twoyearsession #thisistwo

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