We are always happy to see some brotherly love. This birthday club session was all about Luke but his big brother wanted to be in a few photos too. We had no problem granting the request because Luke also liked having his brother near him. This is the first session that the boys were happy to sit together. It took a bit for them to realize they were best friends, but it happened and mom was happy. We knew these two would be on the move so a studio session was not the best option. Knowing that the kids need to stay in one spot where the lighting is best inside was not ideal for two boys on the move. The jewel box was a perfect location because it gave us many options to move around. We directed Luke to a few areas and bribed with some snack to get those smiles. Now of course an 18 month old would prefer to do everything themselves. So when we or brother tried to help Luke quickly indicated that he did not need any help. He could do it by himself!  We love the independence, but it does keep us on our toes during a session. The brotherly love was much needed when we wanted Luke to go to a particular area. We asked big brother to lead the way and little brother followed. We hope they exhibit this happiness all the time at home. Of course, they will have disagreements but the helping spirit is great! The next session is the big 2 year birthday club session. We are looking forward to what that means for Luke. He is already going so quickly that I think we may need to do the next session on the race track! Haha, we will run with you anywhere Luke, let’s have some fun! #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #birthdayclub #parksession #brothersphotos

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