Silly Spring Sessions

  Of course we were not gone all of spring, we were just busy with silly spring sessions. We only say silly because we must be crazy to bring in animals to take photos with children. Isn’t there a rule that children and animals are the hardest to photography – we are always up for the challenge. It’s a fun change in pace after the lull of winter when clients don’t want to get out for photos. The holidays are crazy so we often don’t see many sessions the first month of the year. After Valentine’s day we are ready to start gearing up for those silly spring sessions. This is an annual tradition that has been taking place for over 30 years. We are now photographing the children of those children that came in years ago to take photos with the baby animals. Each year we either host bunnies, ducks or lambs. This year was actually a year for lambs in the rotation but due to when they were born we were not sure it was going to line up correct to get those babies. We were however to get dwarf goats, they were equally as fun. The kids and families enjoyed meeting them and having time to play. They are very playful animals, jumping from prop to prop kept us on the move. They did enjoy nibbling on those pretty dresses so we made sure they had plenty of other options like flowers and hay. We will continue this tradition as long as we are able to get those baby animals. Next year will be ducks and those are the easiest to get, but they do grow fast so it will be only a few weekends of photos. Be sure to watch out early next year for our announcement on the silly spring session dates. #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #springsessions

Photographing newborns

We have been photographing newborns for many years now. In prior years, professional baby photos didn’t start until around 3 months. We love the change to have the first session within the first weeks after baby is born. If you have kids you know how much they change in the first few months. Those newborn photos show truly how small these little bundles of joy really are when they arrive. This session was the second newborn we have done for this family. Big brother has had his photos taken with us a few times since then and we know we will take more in the coming years. Mom decided to focus on baby girl this time. Perhaps some family or sibling photos next time, but this one was her time to shine. Shine she did! She was awake when we started the session so we were able to capture some photos of her bright eyes before she fell asleep. She slept the rest of the session between wraps, outfit changes and even a few visits from the cat! Dad is a golf enthusiast so baby girl received a swaddle with golf images on it, a must for a few photos that dad can put on his desk! Mom mentioned that she didn’t have many bows or girly things for her, since she figured she wouldn’t  be wearing them much anyway. That is no problem because we have plenty of things we can use during the session. She did, however, purchase a lace outfit with a bow on the back. It was absolutely adorable, probably our favorite photo from the whole session. Although, there are so many other good ones as well, we love photographing newborns. We wanted to keep these photos pretty simple, so a clean white background is where we started. However, we had to add the pops of pink and purple for baby girl. She just let us wrap and re-wrap to our hearts content while she slept. Mom has too many photos to pick from now because baby girl did such a great job. Until next time baby girl, we can’t wait to see you at the next session! #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #newbornphotography #babygirl #inhomesession #newbornsessionathome #newbornphotos #photosnewborn #photographynewborn #newbornbabygirlphotos

Heirloom Photography

Heirloom photography is a southern tradition but we are happy to offer this style in our studio. Portraits that span generations are meant to capture children in a classic and simple style. The best age is any child that can sit unassisted into the teen years. Heirloom photography is a tradition done once per child at a particular age. However, you can do them yearly if you wanted. Heirloom sessions are unique and our goal is to provide your family with timeless heirloom prints to display in your home forever. Your viewing gallery will include many images and expressions. Once you make the selection of your favorites we can print them in black and white or color. You can even add the details of turning it into a digital painting. The work of art with every detail perfected will be a cherished memory for many future generations. We received a call wondering if this was something we could do because our client saw them online. She is a grandmother and wanted to have this southern tradition for her grandchildren. We have recently been photography sessions outdoors because the weather is nice. However, we have full studio that we can utilize at any point. We use a crisp clean white background for many different types of portraits, such as model photography and these timeless heirloom photos. During this session we were quickly able to capture some great expressions. This little girl was ready to smile and give us all sorts of facial expressions. It is going to be a tough choice for grandma to select her favorite for the wall art. Since we had a bit of extra time we included a few personality photos as well. Personality photos are done on the same white background but allow the child to pose, dance or jump around to show off their personality at this age. We really enjoy these crisp and classic photos, give us a call to set up your appointment today.         #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #heirloomphotography #studiosession #southernheirloom

Yearly photos are important

Why does it seem like kids grow up so fast? We love seeing our clients as much as possible but sometimes it is just once a year. Most people don’t miss those yearly photos. Yearly photos are important and we make sure everyone has the opportunity to do a session. We have the birthday club that includes 16 session, regular sessions or mini sessions. By offering plenty of options so there is no excuse for anyone to not take a yearly photo. It seems like those years go by so fast. We decided that because Jacob was 2 years old we should go to the park. Knowing most 2  year olds are on the move it makes it a bit easier to get those smiles. We know that they want to walk around so we are able to do that at the park. It was a beautiful day and Jacob showed up with his smile. Right from the start he was talking to us, of course it was just a few words but he knew what he was saying. He understood everything we asked him to do. He even did a few poses himself, those photos are the best because it show his personality. Mom said he loves to have his photo taken! Great, because we love to take your photo Jacob. We were so glad that we had a nice morning to take the photos. The weather has been so up and down lately. Mom said that Jacob loves to be outside and it really showed in the photos. He had a great time exploring the rocks, tree and bridges. We love to see what each child enjoys when we see them for the yearly photos. We are looking forward to seeing Jacob again. Mom mentioned maybe some fall photos so perhaps we will get to see him two times this year!   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #parkphotos #yearlyphotos #springphotos #twoyearphotos
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Full hands, but full of love!

Do you think that you have full hands? What about having a toddler and newborn twins, talk about full hand, but full of love! We knew that when the babies were born we would hear from mom to take some newborn photos. What we didn’t know is how perfect the session was going to go. Big brother was there to take photos with our bunnies so he patiently waited until his turn while his siblings had photos taken. We knew that we were going to match a few photos from the last newborn session so we started with those. Even at only a month old the babies were showing off their personalities. Leo was very chill and relaxed with everything going on around him. He also let us pose him in mom’s favorite squishy baby pose. Blair wanted us to know that even though she was small she had some things to say. We were able to also get a squishy baby photo of her, but she insisted that she be awake! The two photos are going to look great on the wall at home alongside big brothers. They each had a personalized blanket, which was a must to use in a few photos. Then we moved to photos together in the outfits that mom crocheted. These are going to be such special memories. Blair is just so tiny compared to her brother but we know that her personality is huge. Those brothers are not going to know what hit them when she is a toddler. We are so happy that we were able to meet the babies and also get some photos of big brother with the bunnies. He really had no interest in playing with them, which is better than not liking them at all. He did feed them some carrots and also pet them. Of course, this was in between happily running around the studio. It is going to be a pleasure watching these children grow and we are so lucky the family ensures these photo memories to us. We have full hands, but full of love for our loyal clients. Thank you.   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #newbornphotos #springphotos #studiosession #twins

Rekindled Love Book for sale

Not only are we here to capture your family memories we can also create a professional headshot for your accomplishments. Nancy contacted us to update her previous photo from the last time she wrote a book, Rekindled Love. Yep, she wrote a couple of book! We were honored to have the opportunity to photograph the author. The photo is on the back cover of all the books. Nancy also wanted to include a few older photos on the pages. She brought us the original copies and we were able to get them into a digital format. These photos really add another great element to the pages. Even if you didn’t write a book we can help you get those memories into the computer. How exciting it would be to share with the rest of the family. Here is a synopsis of the book. We are excited to read it! A hopeless romantic returns to his country roots; his love has moved on to the big city. Accepting that their relationship would never be restored, he resolves to make a life for himself in the green pastures of Perryville, Missouri. Years pass with a happy marriage, six children, a partner in a family business, and life on the farm until his wife of 62 years passes away. Grieving the loss, he finds solace in a kind letter whose author proves more familiar than he thought. When he realizes his new pen pal is none other than the love of his youth, his heart ignites with the possibility of love restored. But the years and miles between them are stubborn and don’t yield so easily to the renewed desire for a relationship. Will Leon and Ethel find the spark to rekindle the love they once had? This true story combines the best elements of romance, historical fiction, and a human tale of reconciliation. Buy Rekindled Love. It’s never too late to find your happily ever after. If you want to purchase this book here is the link Order on Amazon   #ravettaphotography #professionalphotos #restoration