Starting a journey

Sarah contacted us because she knows the right way to start off family photos. Starting from the very beginning by doing a maternity session is the perfect way to document the journey of your family. From the moment we started emailing about the session we knew that it was possible for us to create exactly what they wanted in the maternity session. A classic black and white look with simple backgrounds and dramatic posing, no problem! Originally not from St. Louis they are excited to start a family here. We found a great day that worked with Sarah and Tyson’s schedule since it is changing often. Having dad included in the photos is a great moment for him too and Tyson seemed to be enjoying the time focused on Sarah as we documented this journey. Any photos of Sarah alone Tyson was ready to help adjust the dress, hair or anything else needed so Sarah could just stay in position to get some amazing images. Tyson might need a photography assistant job, haha! Then any photos he joined her they were both just so happy to be posing as a family. These two were so excited to talk about their baby who will be arriving in just about 8 weeks. From the reason they picked baby’s name down to the room décor. They were also soaking up any “knowledge” I was willing to share. However, even though we just met I know they will be great parents from the very beginning. Somehow, Sarah is going to take her dental exam only 10 days after the baby arrives. Wow, a super mom right from the start! We hope to have the opportunity to work with them again, perhaps as members of our birthday club. We know they enjoyed the experience with us because shortly after they left we got a wonderful review online, thank you for the kind words. #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #maternitysession #birthdayclub #newparents #studiosession
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Hey what do you say – There is a baby on the way!

What would be a good gift for a mother? What about a mother that is expecting her second child? We think any mother would like photos! They can be photos of dad and the kids, just the kids but better yet include mom in those photos. She is probably often behind the camera so let her have a moment to in front of the lens. We got a call from Steve because he wanted to give Valerie a maternity session for mother’s day. Way to go dad!! We were not only excited about this wonderful gift but also that this great family was expecting another baby. We met at Forest park and talked to mom about what she wanted to do. Knowing her son’s short attention span she was hoping to get a few family photos and a few of him with her belly. Phillip did need a bit to warm up to taking photos but then he kept trying to get so close to the camera that I could only see one eye. We couldn’t stop laughing! He started getting very silly, wanting to just run and play. Mom talked to him about how important these photos were to her so it would make her happy if he stood and smiled for some photos. Well, that is exactly what Phillip did next. Such a great listener! We got some perfect images of him listening to his baby sibling, well he may have been told to listen to the flower on moms dress but hey whatever works, right. We know Phillip is going to be a nice big brother, we are looking forward to seeing everyone again in a couple months for a newborn session. A new birthday club member is always very exciting for us. Thanks for letting us capture these moments for your family.

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Mom and dad very soon

We were contacted by Rob many months ago because we previously did a session for him and his wife. A few years back they were celebrating 10 years of marriage! They enjoyed the session with us so much that they knew they wanted to work with us again. This time they needed a maternity session since Laura is expecting. The baby is due in May so an April session with the beautiful spring blooms was going to be perfect. They selected the botanical gardens for this session, which was an excellent choice to get all the different types of spring colors in the flowers. Laura had a few things in mind when it came to the locations of the photos, it worked out perfectly because all of the areas she like had wonderful colors matching what they had chosen to wear. As we walked around the garden we talked about how excited they were to welcome their first child. They have nieces and nephews that are looking forward to another addition to the family. They done with the nursery – after a few snags with the furniture. Who knew that getting dresser right now could possibly take 6 months! Laura had to change the original idea on the wood color but actually loves how everything has come together. They have chosen a few names for their little one and have decided to wait until they see that sweet face to officially decide which name to use. How exciting! I will be wonderful for the family to finally hear who has joined them. We are looking forward to the opportunity to work with Rob and Laura again when we do a newborn session. We are hoping to have a new birthday club member soon! These photos are amazing and any others we take with this new family will be wall worthy for sure. Let us know when little one arrives.

Sister Soon

This adorable little family has had us take many pictures for them over the past few years. We started off with a maternity session before their first arrived, some spring sessions with animals, family photos – you name it. They’ve always called us! We know them so well that when I got out of the car little Gigi ran up to me to give a big hug. She said she was ready for photos and time to play. She’s just the sweetest! Gigi smiled the entire session, maybe not into photos the whole time but that didn’t deter her from smiling running and playing in the leaves. Actually that gave us some really great shots of the fall color and her excitement to be outdoors. This session was actually to document a little sister that’s arriving shortly. The whole family is excited to welcome her! It was such a windy day that we did have to find some areas to take photos that blocked the wind keeping mom and Gigi’s hair from flying around. Also they had joked that each family member was almost dressed for a different season. When they woke up it was chilly, they thought to go long sleeves and pants but it warmed up later in the day so mom put on a sleeveless dress. However we were totally able to make it all work in the photos. These images look just perfect! We know when baby sister arrives will get a chance to photograph them again. We are greatly looking forward to this session because Gigiis going to be a perfect big sister. Mom and dad will be so happy to introduce us to a new member of this wonderful family. See you guys soon! #maternityphotos #ravettaphotography #family #fallphotos

Baby coming soon

Each day as we work in the studio we work through our sessions and wonder what new sessions will contact us. The phone rings and we are happy to talk to a new potential client on the other end. On one particular day we got a call from Drew who was looking for information on a maternity session. He and his wife Meghan wanted to capture a few photos as they are soon expecting their first child. They lived nearby for years and even after moving farther away they always remembered our name. We took some time to go over the session options to discover a mini session would be perfect for what they wanted. We set up a session only a few days later than our chat as we looked forward to helping them create these memories. The couple arrived at our studio with a few props they wanted to use in the photos. I was happy to see they had thought about the items that would be special to them making the session more personal. A personalized blanket, ultrasound photos, onesie all gave the photos an extra special touch for their little baby. As we got started they informed me they were having a boy because they were not interested in keeping it a surprise. They were excited to pick a name and start bonding with their baby boy right away. With only a few weeks left in the pregnancy they are getting everything ready while enjoying these last weeks with a few date nights before the arrival. However we did talk about some family members that live nearby to help so they can keep up these nice evenings together every now and then. Since we offer a discount on a newborn session after doing a maternity session with us we hope to meet James after his arrival in October. #maternity #maternitysession #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #studiosession


There are times we photograph a family or child every few months. They could be members of our birthday club or perhaps like to take advantage of the specials we run monthly at our studio. Other times we get a call from someone that we haven’t seen in a while because they have been busy with the kids. That was the case with this wonderful family because it has been a few years seen we saw them. Our spring special with live animals was the last time they came into our studio, but they didn’t forget what a great experience they had during that session. They knew contacting us for a maternity session was a perfect idea. We changed it up a bit by meeting them at the park instead of something in our office like the previous session. This park was close to them and we were excited to see a new location! We were not sure what to expect but what we got was an amazing family that helped us capture some amazing images in a lovely new park. The young girls were excited to take some photos showing off mom and their soon to be baby brother. We could tell that dad was excited to welcome a boy and share his name. As usual we got caught up in the moments taking so many photos that it will be very hard for this family to make selections. Stunning doesn’t even start to describe how this mom looks as she gets ready to welcome her little kings. Just look at these 4 photos and that is only a very small sample of the images they will have to remember this moment. We hope to work with them soon, perhaps we have a new birthday club member being born in October. #ravettaphotography #maternity #stlphotographer #outdoor

Session Step by Step

Here at Ravetta Photography we try to make everything as easygoing as possible. That doesn’t go to say we can’t still have fun during each of our sessions!

It is important to us to build an ongoing relationship with all of our clients. We try to gradually get to know you a little more each time we interact. From the first initial point of contact, whether it is via email or phone call, to your last appointment to pick up your order, we want you to feel both welcomed and valued each time you talk with us.

The ultimate goal is that you continue to choose our studio to help you capture the important milestones in your life! That’s exactly what we’re here for – you.

When you first contact us, we will ask questions to learn more about you, what you’re looking for, and who all you want to be photographed during your session. This is usually when we can determine what type of session and/or package will fit your needs. At this point, we will check our calendar to schedule a date and time that is perfect for both of us! Nothing is due until your time of session – unless you want to purchase a gift certificate for someone.

On the day of your session arrive just a few minutes beforehand, like you would for any other appointment. If we agreed to meet on location, you will find us waiting there for you! After we introduce ourselves and catch up a bit, we will take payment, have you sign your contract, and move along with your session! Every second counts. We want to capture as many memories as possible during our time with you – don’t forget to have some fun!

If you choose to have a studio session, we are located off of Hampton, not far from Arsenal (3131 Hampton Ave). There is street parking available along Hartford Street.

Once you walk in, you’ll find our waiting room. Go ahead and make yourself comfortable, but keep in mind we do have a small dressing room within the actual studio for you to keep important belongings, and whatever props and/or change of clothes you may have brought with you. Don’t worry, it won’t be but seconds before one of our photographers greet you!

Next we will prepare the studio with any necessary changes based on outfit choices or what we decide to start with. In the meantime we will take you into the office to verify and update any contact information, take payment, and sign your contract.

After your session, it usually takes about 2 weeks for us to get your proofs ready for you to see. Once that process is completed, we will contact you to set up a viewing appointment at the studio. At this appointment, we will go over print sizes, prices, and options for you to place an order.

In another couple weeks, we will contact you again to let you know your order is ready to be picked up! We encourage you to place an order at your initial viewing appointment, with an added bonus of 30% off your print order. If you choose to wait to make a decision, your order must be placed within two weeks (with no discount).

As you can see, the entire process is pretty straightforward and there is plenty of time to get to know you and your family!

We understand everyone has a lot of other responsibilities in life and we are flexible when scheduling each appointment. Our office/studio is closed on Sundays and Mondays, and most Saturdays we may be out photographing weddings or other events. Be sure to schedule in advance to find the best availability for you. Tuesdays and Thursday are popular days due to our evening business hours where we are open until 7PM. Be sure to check out the rest of our website for more information about our services and studio.

We look forward to hearing from you soon! Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have.

The Ravetta Family

The History of Us

Since we have a bit of time on our hands we thought it would be a great idea to tell you how we got started. Ravetta Photography has been in business over 45 years! The photography industry was very different back then but we have changed and adapted to the way we run our business over the years.
Lou has always had an interest in photography, even as a young child, so when his grandmother passed away and left him $200 he wanted to buy a camera. He thought it would be a wonderful way to remember her as well as further his photo interest. Lou started by taking photos of his girlfriend, Karen. They went all over St. Louis taking different style images and having fun. Then a relative of Lou wanted him to photograph a small wedding, he said no because he wasn’t sure he could handle a wedding. He just liked taking photos and didn’t want the pressure of a wedding. After some convincing from the family member, Lou actually changed his mind and agreed to photograph the wedding. It turned out that he did such a wonderful job his family started telling other people about him. So Lou ended up doing other weddings and portraits, then those people told other people how much they liked the photos. The ball was rolling…45 years later here we are! Those referrals at the beginning of our business lead to more referrals which is what keeps us going. We wouldn’t be successful without our clients telling others about us.
Remember that girlfriend, Karen, well Lou married her and they have been running Ravetta Photography together since the very beginning. At first they met with people at their home, until they had a daughter…spoiler… that daughter was Rachel! Apparently even as a baby Rachel had a photography interest because she wouldn’t let mom and dad work without being involved. This distraction caused the company to move to its own location. At first it was just an office area to meet with people because all the sessions were on location. The success of the business allowed Lou and Karen to invest in a better camera, attend seminars to learn from the pros, move to a location that had space for a studio and add studio lighting to what they offered.
Years and years later that is exactly what we are doing each day. We have updated our equipment to the best digital cameras, we are constantly learning – however we are the pros now so we often help others too. Social media wasn’t even a thought back when the business opened but if we didn’t use it now then clients wouldn’t be able to find us. Our ability to adapt to the changing photography industry only enhances the fact that we are able to make each client experience with us special to them.
Please keep sharing our name so in 45 years from now Ravetta Photography can still be going strong taking images of the next generations. Think about it for a minute, wouldn’t it be so great to help a business be around for almost 100 years! Each person we photograph that mentions our name becomes a part of our history.
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