Madison and Faro

Madison and Faro visited our office because we photographed Faro’s parents’ wedding. It is crazy to think that we have been around for such a long time that we are now photographing second-generation weddings. It happens from time to time and we couldn’t be happier these families think of us when they start the wedding planning process. We had no idea what to expect for a January wedding. We could have a beautiful day or a snowy disaster. Madison and Faro were so lucky because there was a perfect amount of snow on the ground. Of course, it was cold! What else would you expect in January? A nice dusting of snow didn’t deter anyone from attending and looked amazing in the photos. The day started with everyone at the church. When we arrive it is always so quiet because we are often the first ones there. We know the church will soon fill with friends and family, such a wonderful site. Faro’s parents were so happy we were there and we enjoyed talking with them about their wedding. After some of the guests saw we were there they pointed out that we also did their wedding too. So many familiar faces! We had plenty of time after the ceremony to have fun because we did some of the photos beforehand. We completed the family photos so everyone could get to the reception. While they traveled to the next location Madison and Faro were able to have some moments together. Not only did we use other areas of the church we were able to just walk across the street to capture some perfect snowy photos. We may have only spent about 20 minutes outside but we got many images that they will just love! The reception was a chance for everyone to relax. Madison and Faro wanted photos with the guest so we quickly went around to each table to take a group photo. These memories are cherished forever because having photos of everyone is a perfect keepsake. They enjoyed the night talking with guest, dancing and of course sharing those Italian cookies. It’s not an Italian wedding without the cookies! Thank you for letting us be a part of your day.   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #winterwedding #weddingwinter #stlwedding #stlwinterwedding #weddingphotographer #weddingphotos

Siren of the sea

Sirena and George met one night while she was out with the girls. George didn’t want to go out that night. However, he was glad he did, it was the night he met Sirena. They took their evening far into the night, they didn’t want to say goodbye. He knew that Sirena was his siren of the sea, and they were meant to be together.

A couple of close girlfriends rounded out the wedding party for Sirena. While, George had his two sons stand beside him. Everyone in the wedding party was happy to be there supporting Sirena and George. In this rare occasion the photographer rode with the bride as she drove around St. Louis to take photos. Yes, the bride was driving! There were lots of places where they wanted to take photos around St. Louis. It was easier to drive cars than to navigate a bus downtown. Everyone said Sirena was the best driver and not the best passenger. It only made sense for her to drive! The photographer got to hear all the stories from the girl’s relationship over many years. These three are true friends. While, the boys probably had a great time in their car. Spending some time with their dad was important to them before he got married.

The wedding party finished the photos then went to the ceremony location. Sirena and George knew they wanted to just relax. They didn’t want to think about anything else but the fact they would shortly be husband and wife. They already had hundreds of fun photos around St. Louis along with some family photos. The ceremony is what they had left for the day. Oh yeah, and the party, that was important too. They rented out a whole restaurant for the event because they wanted to let loose after the ceremony. An intimate ceremony with only close friends and family was exactly what they wanted. During the ceremony they shed a few tears, combined the sand, and exchanged rings.  We know these two will have a lifetime of happily ever after with Sirena as George’s siren of the sea. Thanks for letting us share in your moments.

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Ready to create memories together

We were very excited the wedding day of Alexis and Brian had arrived. The engagement session we did this summer was magical so we knew the wedding would have equally as much magic. Alexis and Brian are always ready to create memories together. We are happy we were the ones selected to capture these special moments. The day of photography started with Alexis getting ready with her girls. Many weddings we attend have a bunch of girls trying to all get ready in the same place at the same time. However, Alexis opted to only include her children in the wedding party. This made the morning super relaxed since it was a bit more special and intimate. We knew the boys were off getting ready somewhere but we didn’t plan to see them until we arrived at the park. The ceremony was under a gazebo in a park with Alexis and Brian surrounded by close friends and family. She wanted to be sure that Brian didn’t see her before she walked down the isle. She definitely made the right decision because the look on his face when he saw her was magical. They just have that magic chemistry that surrounds them when they are together. We could see it during the engagement session and the wedding day was no different! A quick ceremony led us into the family photos. There were so many family members that wanted to be a part of the photos. The love from all those around them was overflowing. They have so much support in their marriage and also for their family. Alexis and Brian are now a family of 5, the kids enjoyed being a part of the wedding. They even had a small little photo shoot with the second photographer because they had so many poses to do. Once all the family photos were completed, but before we headed to the party, there was a bit of time for just Alexis and Brian to create memories together. Yet again, the photos we got were so wonderful. We only gave them a small amount of direction but they just ran with it. The results were…yep, magical! We hope to have the opportunity to work with them again in the future.   #ravettaphotography #weddingphotography #stlphotographer #fallwedding #weddingphotos #outdoorwedding #photosinthepark #stlwedding

A perfect day for Jalen and Natalie

Natalie and Jalen enjoy a perfect day! They planned a wedding at the end of September hoping for the fall weather. They were surprised by the heat but did get a bit of fall color. It is never easy to determine what the weather will be in St. Louis. We can have an early fall or a late fall. This year it seems to be coming a bit later than expected. That didn’t stop this wonderful couple from having a perfect day. We met up with Natalie and the girls as they got ready at a house near the ceremony location. The girls were putting on the finishing touches when we arrived. Everyone wanted to provide Natalie and Jalen with the wedding they wished. A first look started off the photos, Jalen was right on time giving Natalie a sigh of relief because she was anxious to see him. We set up Jalen in a position where he couldn’t see Natalie as she got set behind him. The magic began as soon as she tapped him on the shoulder. They smiled, laughed, gazed into each other’s eyes, and the love radiated off of them. They were ready to get married and we were ready to capture the moments. Since the wedding was on a Friday it was a bit later in the evening. This timeline gave us the opportunity to take the majority of photos prior to the ceremony. We knew there was a limited window of time at the Jewel Box, where the ceremony took place. So we planned on taking photos at other locations in Forest Park. Despite the unexpectedly warm weather, the day was perfect.. Natalie and Jalen enjoy a perfect day as some fallen leaves in the grass gave the impression that fall was on the horizon The wedding party had a fun time relaxing together before they headed to the Jewel Box. We were able to get hundreds of photos of the couple with all their friends and family. They seem very close to each and every one of them. They looked around them and wanted a photo with each person that was there to support them. Natalie shared the story of how they knew each person. They made everyone around them feel very important. Natalie’s father performed the ceremony, how special for the entire family. All of the parents spoke about the couple and the crowd finished the ceremony with a special blessing for them. The evening would not be complete without a party, and party they did. We were only at the reception for a short time but we know they had fun the entire time. Congratulations and we look forward to working with you again soon.     #ravettaphotography #fallwedding #stlphotographer #weddingphotography #weddingphotos #stlwedding #fallphotography

Brooke and Harold had a wonderful wedding

Brooke and Harold had a wonderful wedding and we were honored to be a part of such a perfect event. The day started of simply with us meeting everyone at the church about an hour before the wedding. It is not unusual to start photography at the church, but what is unusual is having everyone there exactly on time. Girls were putting on the finishing touches when we arrived. The boys arrived shortly after, also exactly the time expected, this gave us the perfect opportunity to take photos of Harold with his family. The church didn’t have a place to sneak out back with Brooke to take photos so we thought it would be best to save those until after the ceremony. This way she wasn’t outside as the guests started to arrive. A traditional ceremony started this couple off on the right foot in marriage. They are not the type to want to be the center of attention. However, during these moments they were just smiling and took time to enjoy the words of the priest. Brooke and Harold looked relaxed, ready to become husband and wife, and start the next chapter of their story. But before that next chapter begins they celebrated with an elegant reception at the Sheraton Westport. We had a bit of time before we headed to the reception for photos in Forest Park. The day was beautiful and we found the perfect spots to take some fall photos. The park may have been crowded with other couples or families enjoying the fall weather, but that didn’t stop us from capturing those beautiful memories. Brooke and Harold decided that their kids were going to have a break while they took photos at Forest Park. We wanted to make sure they were in plenty of photos during the day so we planned to arrive to the reception early to give the children time to take photos outside. They were excited to have time to take photos with Brooke and Harold, these are photos they will enjoy forever. The kids packed the dance floor the entire night. They had so much fun celebrating the evening. We enjoyed watching everyone have fun all night long dancing along to the live band. We look forward to working with Brooke and Harold again in the future after such a wonderful wedding. #ravettaphotography #fallwedding #stlphotographer #weddingphotography #weddingphotos #stlwedding #fallphotography

Andrea and Tim are getting married

Andrea and Tim are getting married and we are so happy to caputure the event. Andrea has known Karen and Lou Ravetta, the owners, for a few years now. Her family lives close to them and her parents are often socializing with Karen and Lou. Our studio worked with her for a mom and me session a few years back. It was such a great session because her and her daughter are super photogenic and know how to relax in front of the camera. Karen called the office and told us to hold the date for Andrea and Tim. At that point we didn’t have any information on venue or timing. They are just positive they want us there! Andrea and Tim will have a wedding in June of 2024 so having a fall engagement session was perfect. I had met Andrea many times while out at my parent’s house and during her last photo session with us. However, I had never met Tim and their new little girl. I was looking forward to taking some family photos during the engagement session. The day of the session was beautiful. The lighting was great and the temperature was amazing. We were able to take our time to get those perfect images. Andrea’s oldest daughter was such a big help with her little sister while I took photos of just Andrea and Tim together. We all laughed together when we tried a few “candid” type photos. Andrea and Tim wanted photography in motion but usually, it looks better when the photographer directs the subjects at least a little bit. This way they are facing into the light correctly with an appealing background. It may have taken a few tries to get the directions correct, however the results were magical. The smiles and laughter from Andrea and Tim truly show that they know how to have fun together. It highlighted their love ever moment of the session. Andrea and Tim are getting married and we will create tons of memories for them. We know it will be one to remember! #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #engagementsession #forestpark #familyphotos #shesaidyes #theywillsayido #parkphotos #fallphotography

Ashley and Ian

We waited and waited for this day to happen and it FINALLY arrived. We were waiting with great anticipation, therefore we know the family was overjoyed for this event.  Ashley and Ian have been together for many years. They may not have had love at first sight, in fact Ashley drove Ian crazy. But he soon saw what an amazing person she is and couldn’t live without her. They planned this event down to the very detail and it showed. Ashley and Ian knew planning a wedding was a big job so they welcomed the help from parents. When you are blessed to have parents who are willing to make your vision a reality your wedding is perfect! We began the day hanging out with the girls and boys as they got ready. The were not able to see each other that morning. However, Ashley did get a bit of a peak of Ian as he did some photos out front. The photos captured every moment of the morning from hair and make-up to a crazy pillow fight. Yep, while the girls jumped on the bed the boys had a pillow fight. The energy from this group of people is amazing. How could you not enjoy the entire day around such a great group! The photos started off with a first look where Ian almost fell to his knees when he saw Ashley. It was a perfect moment for them before we got into a few hours of photos. Yep, hours! They were able to take some time with just the two of them around the grounds. That was such a wonderful opportunity for them to just enjoy time together before the chaos. It wasn’t really chaos but we were able to do pretty much all the photos before the ceremony. We accomplished some fun wedding party photos, as well as, those perfect family photos. The flower girls and ring bearer kept it interesting by providing some comic entertainment as they try to walk out of the photos. Have you ever wanted to make your ceremony unique? Why not have your dad officiate! Ashley’s dad performed the ceremony which added that little extra special touch. The stories, the heartfelt words and the congregation fully invested tipped this ceremony to the top. How could this day get better after all that had happened up to this point? Well, an reception for Ashley and Ian with no detail left out. The cake, the décor, the speeches from loved ones, the dancing, the sunset photos and the epic send off. Seriously, just a perfect event from start to finish. Capturing another event for this family was an honor. Since we have known them for years.   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #summerwedding #weddingphotos #stlwedding #outdoorphotos #happytogether #allsmilesallday

Summer wedding summer sweethearts

Elizabeth visited our office with Nick and her mom to talk about the summer wedding. They were great to talk with and we looked forward to photographing the wedding of these summer sweethearts. The couple made the decision to have just one photographer at the wedding. This is not as common because lots of couple feel a bit awkward doing those silly or romantic photos. The second photographer is there to capture all the in-between-moments during the day. All those times couple are acting silly with their friends or romantically look into each other’s eyes. Once we arrived we saw why they knew only one photographer could capture all they needed. From start to finish they we just having the time of their lives, enjoying every moment of this summer wedding! They got silly, romantic and everything in between. We started photography at the church. Everyone was perfectly on time giving us plenty of opportunity to get family photos prior to the ceremony. This opened up more time after the wedding to spend at the park. Most couples seem a bit nervous prior to the ceremony but these two were very calm. If they were nervous you would have never known! A very traditional ceremony surrounded by friends and family was perfect for this summer wedding. We were able to quickly do the family photos in the church. Couples usually don’t have a watch, it seems like these photos go on forever. However, we were done with everything in less than 30 minutes. It was great timing and relieving a bit of stress of getting to the reception on time. There was plenty of time left to have some fun in the park. These summer sweethearts were so lucky with the weather on this summer wedding in July. It was not too hot with a nice breeze. They really took every advantage of spending some extra time at the park to create photo memories. The wedding concluded with the reception at an event space where they met! How perfect, they even had a sign saying “we met here”. All the small touches in the room really added to the overall feeling of love. The room has comics they had sent each other, a crossword puzzle where the answers were all about them and a puzzle made from engagement photos. These touches showed how perfect this couple was for each other. We are honored we were able to be a part of this day and hope to work with them again in the future. #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #summerwedding #forestpark #stlouiswedding #weddingphotographer #weddingphotos #summerweddingphotos #happycouple

Summer wedding in beautiful location

What is better than a summer wedding in a beautiful location, an amazing couple to work with while we are there! The stepdad of the bride contacted us a few months prior to the wedding. The couple still needed to find a few vendors for their wedding and he wanted to help ease some stress. Once presented with the information they knew we would live up to their expectations. We met with the couple to talk details of the wedding day and pick a package option. The wedding was in Potosi, MO so there was a bit of a travel from our location. That is no problem at all, we enjoy getting out of the city sometimes! Kelly and Gary talked with us about the importance of all the guests that were going to be at their event. We know it is important to get photos of the guest but this couple really wanted to be sure the full focus was not on them. They had too many friends and family around to not share the day with them. Their son was having a great day, except for “all the photos” he had to take. Poor little guy, he did such a good job of standing in all the family photos. He deserved that clothing change and a sweet treat. He was included in a lot of photos throughout the day. It was not only a special day for Kelly and Gary but this was the day they had planned and talked about for awhile. The whole family should have fun! From start to finish everyone in attendance at this summer wedding were just living their best life and enjoying every minute of the day. We had a relaxed start to the day with a first look followed by the majority of the photos. This gave us the opportunity to not rush while the wedding party had some fun together. Because we did photos before the family photos after the wedding went very quickly. All the planning helped the wedding run very smoothly and even a bit ahead of schedule. What a great feeling to be able to relax and enjoy the day. There was not a moment that a guest wasn’t having fun. From the games in the yard to the party music inside it was a memorable day for everyone. We are so glad that we were able to be a part of this wonderful day.   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #summerwedding #weddingphotographer #twineaglelakebarn

Abby and Colin

Wedding season has begun with a bang! Abby and Colin had a perfect day and enjoyed every minute of it from start to finish. After an amazing engagement session last year we knew that this wedding was going to be so much fun. The energy from everyone was showing from the very beginning to the last moments of the evening. We arrived at the church slightly before Abby and Colin. They came separately because they wanted to keep traditional and not see each other before the wedding. It was a busy morning with guests arriving so we decided to keep Abby downstairs. We didn’t want anyone to see her before the ceremony. However, we were able to get photos of Colin, the boys and his amazing socks with Abby’s face on them! A classically perfect ceremony with some humor from the priest followed by family photos kept the day running smoothly. Impressively, we were actually ahead of our timing schedule which gave us time to go to a few park locations on the way to the reception. We had to start off with a photo in The Grove because that is where they met. We took a photo under the sign during the engagement session so they wanted to recreate that photo on the wedding day. After safely navigating the street we took the wedding party to Tower Grove park. Little did we know that it was prom night, we were surrounded by students taking prom photos. We had the best looking group by far with our bride and groom! We knew that Abby and Colin had fun personalities but this is the part of the day that we are able to really capture those. The pre-wedding jitters have gone, the ceremony is over, the formal photos are completed and now it is time to just have a good time. They had so much energy the whole afternoon. That energy created some perfect photos along with some they will surely be laughing at for years. The Noble is a unique wedding venue that suited this couple perfectly. We took a few photos with the bank vault, utilized the cigar room and even got a photo of everyone at the reception from above! These photos are going to be lasting memories of a perfect day, especially the one where Colin took to the mic and started singing! We loved being a part of your wedding, thank you.   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #weddingphotographer #springwedding #happilyeverhundelt
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