A perfect fall wedding schedule

Such a beautiful wedding day for an even more beautiful couple! We were happy to help them put together a wedding schedule perfect for their event. You never know what type of weather to expect when you plan your big day down to a T, especially here in St. Louis. You can experience every season within a week, no matter the time of year! While we can’t control the weather our job, as your professional wedding photographer, is to guarantee your entire day runs smoothly. We can help you come up with a schedule, make a backup plan, pivot on a whim, and go with the flow of the ever-changing wedding day. Erin and Jeremy discussed multiple options with us about the timeline of the day. We started at the church with a few photos of the family arriving. Due to church entry limitations, we had told the couple we may need to add a few extra photos after the wedding. Everyone was prompt and ready to go so all the photos needed were accomplished before the ceremony. This couple smiled from ear to ear as they got married. The perfect ceremony at their parish had pews packed with family and friends. We quickly got to work afterward on the family photos as we planned in the wedding schedule. We knew from the start there would be a limit on sunlight for photos outdoors with Erin and Jeremy. But with the great schedule, we provided we ended up with more than enough time to capture hundreds of timeless photos. Late November typically brings freezing cold temperatures, and sometimes snow. Not this time around! There was even some fall color still peeking through! Jeremy, Erin, and their wedding party had a wonderful time relaxing together before the sunset! We even stuck around to take a few sunset photos. The evening was complete with Erin and Jeremy spending hours on the dance floor without a care in the world as they danced the night away together. The whole crowd was right there with them celebrating, laughing, and enjoying every moment. Congratulations!   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #weddingphotography #fallwedding

Wonderful Winter Wedding

  Mandy and Jonathan came into our office to talk about wedding photography. We photographed Mandy’s brothers’ wedding and she knew that she wanted to talk with us about her winter wedding. Jonathan and Many were planning a wedding in December at the Ritz Carlton. They wanted to be sure that we could handle the venue, as well as, the tight time schedule. No problem at all! When we arrived everything seemed to be running perfectly on time. Everyone there seemed surprised and mentioned that nothing with Mandy is ever on time. She was excited to get married to Jonathan. As the guests trickled in we took photos of Mandy with her family and then did the same with Jonathan. Family photos with Mandy wouldn’t be complete without her dog, how exciting for the hotel to let her have the opportunity to take those photos. Besides he comes first to Mandy and had to approve Jonathan to take his place. We could see that they were both a bit nervous. Not about getting married, more nervous that everyone around them had what they needed and comfortable. They finally each took a few moments to themselves before the ceremony started. Separately of course, since Jonathan wanted to wait for the big moment of Mandy walking down the isle to see her. It was a special moment not only for Jonathan but also his son Jude, who was gaining a bonus mom. Following he absolutely beautiful ceremony Mandy and Jonathan snuck away to take memorable photos. After all the planning and worry on the timing of the event we ended up with extra time! It just ran so smoothly all night long. The night wouldn’t have been complete without the surprise dance the Mandy and Jude had planned. They had so much fun dancing together and the look on Jonathan’s face was priceless. They have really started a wonderful family bond! We wish them many more travels, after all that is how they met, so they should continue to travel together. Thank you for letting us capture these memories from your winter wedding and congratulations. #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #weddingphotographer #winterwedding

Logan and Jarred enjoy time together on their wedding day!

Logan and her mom came into our office to talk about wedding photography services because they were familiar with our quality. They decided we were a perfect fit to photograph the event! After months of detailed planning the wedding day had finally arrived and everyone was very excited. The day started at the hotel where Logan was getting ready with her mom and aunt. It’s not often that we have a couple opt to not have a wedding party. However, the calm and relaxed feel in the room was a pleasant surprise. Logan said she enjoyed spending more quality time with her mom on the morning of her wedding. Logan knew that if she had a room full of people getting ready she worry about everything else and not take the time to relax. Jarred met us at the hotel for a first look prior to heading to the park. They had planned a small ceremony in front of a waterfall with only about 25 people in attendance. As Jarred waited for Logan to come out he talked about how the day was going just as he expected. He was happy to have the small moments together with Logan prior to the large party later that night. The first look was no exception, when he saw her for the first time he lit up and smiled from ear to ear. She couldn’t stop smiling either and the photos in those first moments really told the story of the rest of the day. Luckily both Logan and Jarred enjoy taking photos because we took a ton! After the normal family photos in the park we headed out with them to a few other locations. They traveled in a Rolls Royce, super classy and traditional – just like Logan and Jarred! Hundreds of amazing photos later we arrived at the reception ready to party. The couple took a few moments to themselves while we photographed the decorations. The details in the room showed the time and effort that was put into everything during the planning process.  The couple enjoyed having everyone attend the reception because they were able to take time to visit with those close to them. A dress change by Logan completed the evening and surprised everyone! Time after time they mentioned to us that they were so happy with our wedding knowledge. Not only in photography, but also in organization, timing and also making sure to capture each special moment. We were happy to work with them and hope to have the opportunity again in the future.   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #fallwedding #weddingphotos

Alexis and Jack had a perfect day

Hopeful but unknowingly Alexis and Jack picked the perfect day in October to get married. The weather was amazing and the colors were at their peak. After working with them during the engagement session we were excited to capture more images of this couple. Alexis arrived in style with her girls and parents in a limo while Jack was having a friend go pick him up an undershirt from Target. Honestly, that was the only thing that they needed to adjust the whole day. Everything else ran perfectly smooth for them from start to finish. Alexis and Jack are so lucky to have a team of people around them to help in any way possible. They will be supported in anything they pursue together because the support was shown today at their wedding. A traditional ceremony started off the day with the right tone. It wouldn’t be a traditional St. Louis wedding without heading to the park for some amazing wedding party photos. As we mentioned before the colors were perfect so it was hard to narrow down to just a few locations. Each direction we turned there was another colorful tree to utilize in the photos. They have a great mix of the typical wedding photos sandwiched in between the laughing moments they shared all day. They had enough time between the ceremony and reception to even take time to relax in the hotel room before greeting everyone at the reception. We attended cocktail hour to capture those family members that haven’t seen each other in a while. They were not shy about taking photos which makes our job very easy! Alexis and Jack are going to have a hard time deciding what images to include in the wedding album. After working with this couple twice this year we hope to have the opportunity to continue our relationship into the future. Perhaps an anniversary session or when they decide to start a family we will be lucky enough to capture those moments too! #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #fallwedding #weddingphotography

Allie and John get married

Allie and John were smiling their entire wedding day from the moment we arrived to the end of the evening. They were lucky enought to have a beautiful day in September. We started off with Allie at her parent’s house while she got ready with the Bridesmaids. The house was familiar since we photographed her sister’s wedding. But even with the familiarity, everything was very different because it was Allie’s big day this time. Although weddings are very similar in structure each one is very unique. What stood out to us right away at the church was the excitement of the guests gathered together. Normally when a guest enters a church they find their seat and wait for the ceremony to start. Allie and John have way more social people in their families! They were wandering around greeting each other, hugging and enjoying the moments since it has been so long since they have been together. The coordinator had to make an announcement for everyone to sit down so Allie could walk down the aisle to John. We spent a good amount of time at the park taking photos of the couple with the wedding party. But first, we had to make a stop at their first home together. This photo is so sweet because this is the location they will begin their married life together. Many years from now when family is talking about Allie and John this is they type of photo that they will bring out. After a quick stop downtown to grab a few photos with the arch we headed to the reception. The theme of mingling, hugging, and greeting continued even here during cocktail hour. It was great to see that at a wedding and this carried on the whole evening. How very special to see so many people together in one place after such a long time. It has taken 2 years for the family to get together. At the same time, everyone was brought together at their event, Allie and John were brought together in marriage. We enjoyed spending time with them. Love and support will surround them throughout their whole marriage.   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #weddingphotos #fallwedding #stlwedding

Anthony and Kim get married

The wedding day started off very relaxed and that feeling continued all day long. It is hard for a couple to relax on their wedding day but Anthony and Kim accomplished the task. Were there a few hiccups? Of course, there is always something that doesn’t go quite right at a wedding. However, they both handled those hiccups in stride by continuing their day. They were going to get married today and that is all that matters. The winery location was perfect because it was everything all in one place. They had rooms to get ready, photo locations, lakeside ceremony and a covered area for the reception. This lucky couple had friends and family around them willing to help in any way possible. Each wedding party member had a task prior to the ceremony so Anthony and Kim could relax. From decorating the arbor and placing centerpieces, to applying make-up and sewing pants (yes there is a story there that you will have ask them) the wedding party really stepped up to help. We were able to get all the photos of Anthony and Kim separately prior to the ceremony. They wanted to keep that moment he sees her walking down the isle special. But we also didn’t want to spend the full cocktail hour taking photos. By doing as many photos prior to the ceremony it allowed the day to run smoothly and add to the relaxation of the couple. After a sweet but also hilarious ceremony where the couple wrote their own vows we spent some time taking photos of them together. We could have done this for hours because they were so happy to be married which showed in each and every photo. Not to mention the wedding party was having such a great time together too. They were just a great group of people that we were lucky enough to spend the day with at the wedding of Anthony and Kim. We hope to have the opportunity to work with them again sometime soon. Thanks for allowing us to capture these memories  you will enjoy forever! #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #weddingphotos #fallwedding #winerywedding

Ella and Thomas

Ella and Thomas decided to use us as their wedding photographer because of a friend’s recommendation. We love when our clients are so happy that they don’t think twice about telling others about their experiences. The day started off at St. Peter’s Church in Kirkwood. We knew it was going to be a very warm June weekend so the wedding party enjoyed the indoors as much as possible. Each person that arrived to the church was smiling from ear to ear the whole time. The siblings of Ella and Thomas were so excited to introduce each other as “my new brother-in-law”. As expected Thomas got a tear in his eye when Ella came down the isle. Her dad joked about his stern look toward Thomas as he gave Ella away. He said he knew Thomas was perfect for his baby girl but he wanted one last moment to make sure Thomas knew it as well. When the ceremony concluded we took the opportunity to take some casual photos around the streets of Kirkwood. The wedding party was great at showing lots of personality that worked well in all the photos. Despite the heat everyone was having a fun time! The reception was at the Butterfly House in Faust Park. But since we had some more time we took photos around the park before going in to the Conservatory with Ella and Thomas. While we took park photos the boys started having even more fun posing with cowboy hats and striking a Napoleon pose. They kept the girls laughing the whole time we were there. The reception was under a tent in the garden at the Butterfly House. We enjoyed watching everyone have the time of their lives. They were dancing and having fun together the whole night. Pretty sure at some point everyone forgot it was over 100 degrees outside. Ella and Thomas were enjoying their wedding day so much that we have hundreds of photos of them together. They will cherish them all forever! #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #weddingphotos #summerwedding #faustpark #butterflyhouse

Marie and Tim

It has been such a pleasure working with Tim and Marie the past year. We first met when Tim contacted us to photograph a surprise engagement. They made the decision to also have us as the wedding photographer. Our packages include an engagement session. We did photos in the fall which gave us more opportunity to get to know them. Now wedding day has come and gone, we had such a great time with them again! We also enjoyed meeting their friends and family. The day started at the hotel with the girls. They were on time and about ready to go when we arrived. It was perfect for us to get the final touches of getting ready before heading out to do a first look with dad. We met dad on the rooftop of the hotel to get him settle to see Marie. His reaction was just amazing! He was so happy to see is little girl on her wedding day! Everyone quickly headed off to the church since it was an early 11am ceremony. The grand Cathedral Basilica was the perfect place for this grand couple to get married. They may have not met in the most grand way possible, on bumble. But when they did it was a grand romance leading to this perfect day. The entire week prior to the wedding had temperatures in the upper 90’s and even over 100 a few days. However, it was much nicer on their wedding day. Of course, still a warm June day but they got really lucky with the low humidity and breeze. This made taking photos in the park much nicer. The family and wedding party stopped by the Boathouse for lunch and relaxed a bit before we headed out to do photos. It was nice to see a couple have time to relax with everyone instead of just running from one thing to the next all day long. The photos we captured together are exactly what we expected. We got lots of laughs, smiles, kisses and interacting with friends. They are going to cherish these photos forever! Marie and Tim were able to arrive early to the reception so they had time to greet guest during the cocktail hour. It is always a good idea to plan time to talk with the people that are there to celebrate with you. We are happy that we also had the opportunity to celebrate with this grand couple. Of course, since we have worked with them a few times we are hoping to continue our relationship into the future. Congratulations, Tim and Marie.   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #weddingphotos #summerwedding #forestpark

Amy and Andrew get married

Amy has known about our studio since she was in high school. That’s right, she is one of our Notre Dame girls! We are proud that she thought of us when she started her wedding planning. She knew that we would provide exactly what she wanted. Time has gone by so fast that it was crazy to call Amy to go over all the details for the wedding day. She is a very detail and organized person. Amy, admittedly so, has a hard time letting go of the organization. However, we felt like she truly trusted us in everything we did on the wedding day. When she arrived at the church to get ready she was a bit nervous since Andrew and the boys were running behind. That didn’t change much on our end since we were very flexible. We just moved any photos before the ceremony to afterward. It would make everyone anxious to try and push the photos before the ceremony, just take some time to relax. Prior to the wedding day the forecast called for rain, but luckily it all cleared up. It was actually a bit warmer than expected. Amy provided a list of important photos, most of them we always do at weddings, but we are happy to get all the special photos a couple wants during their wedding day. The wedding party was happy to have time on the party bus to enjoy as we headed to Faust Park to take photos. Andrew and Amy were finally able to relax and enjoy the day together. The unexpected heat caused everyone to find patches of shade as we walked to a few different locations. The group of friends gave us many opportunities to take fun photos in addition to the traditional park images. We worked our way to the reception location which also had a few picturesque locations for Amy and Andrew.  We took some time to utilize those, but worked quickly so we could get to the party. The toasts at the reception were centered around how great Amy and Adam two are for each other. Of course, Cudi, their dog was mentioned a few times too! We hope to continue our relationship with Amy and Andrew in the future. Bring Cudi along for the next photo session.   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #weddingphotos #springwedding

The wedding of Samantha and Jordan

Samantha and Jordan had a wonderful, but windy, wedding day in April. When Samantha arrived at the church she immediately said she wasn’t nervous all morning. However,  walking into the decorated church and seeing her dress hanging in the bride’s room gave her an excited but nervous feeling. She had her group of bridesmaids to keep her calm as they all got ready for the day. Jordan arrived with his groomsmen shortly after the girls. From the moment he got out of the party bus to the moment we left that night he was smiling from ear to ear. As we took photos in front of church he was welcoming the guest with a big wave. There are not many brides that love a whole church full of people looking at them as they walk down the isle. Samantha was no exception but having eyes on Jordan with her dad by her side really helped. The ceremony had all the usual moments but also included lots of laughs from the couple as they listened to the priest speak. He knew exactly what to say to ease some of the nerves. The wind really picked up as we headed to the park with the wedding party. Samantha was hoping for an area where we could hide from the wind but that really wasn’t possible. However, it only takes a split second to take a photo despite having to wait for the wind. We were able to capture so many great park photos that the couple will have a hard time narrowing down. The images show the love they have for each other while also depicting all the fun of the day. It was fabulous to get to spend so much time with this great wedding party. The reception started off with a few photos on the patio balcony of the Lemp Grand Hall. Samantha and Jordan were relaxed and ready to party at this point in the day. The energy in the room surrounding this couple was just amazing! We are so glad they had a wonderful day, they deserved it, as well as many more years as husband and wife.       #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #weddingphotography #springwedding #weddingphotos #lempgrandhall