Ella and Thomas

Ella and Thomas decided to use us as their wedding photographer because of a friend’s recommendation. We love when our clients are so happy that they don’t think twice about telling others about their experiences. The day started off at St. Peter’s Church in Kirkwood. We knew it was going to be a very warm June weekend so the wedding party enjoyed the indoors as much as possible. Each person that arrived to the church was smiling from ear to ear the whole time. The siblings of Ella and Thomas were so excited to introduce each other as “my new brother-in-law”. As expected Thomas got a tear in his eye when Ella came down the isle. Her dad joked about his stern look toward Thomas as he gave Ella away. He said he knew Thomas was perfect for his baby girl but he wanted one last moment to make sure Thomas knew it as well. When the ceremony concluded we took the opportunity to take some casual photos around the streets of Kirkwood. The wedding party was great at showing lots of personality that worked well in all the photos. Despite the heat everyone was having a fun time! The reception was at the Butterfly House in Faust Park. But since we had some more time we took photos around the park before going in to the Conservatory with Ella and Thomas. While we took park photos the boys started having even more fun posing with cowboy hats and striking a Napoleon pose. They kept the girls laughing the whole time we were there. The reception was under a tent in the garden at the Butterfly House. We enjoyed watching everyone have the time of their lives. They were dancing and having fun together the whole night. Pretty sure at some point everyone forgot it was over 100 degrees outside. Ella and Thomas were enjoying their wedding day so much that we have hundreds of photos of them together. They will cherish them all forever! #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #weddingphotos #summerwedding #faustpark #butterflyhouse

Marie and Tim

It has been such a pleasure working with Tim and Marie the past year. We first met when Tim contacted us to photograph a surprise engagement. They made the decision to also have us as the wedding photographer. Our packages include an engagement session. We did photos in the fall which gave us more opportunity to get to know them. Now wedding day has come and gone, we had such a great time with them again! We also enjoyed meeting their friends and family. The day started at the hotel with the girls. They were on time and about ready to go when we arrived. It was perfect for us to get the final touches of getting ready before heading out to do a first look with dad. We met dad on the rooftop of the hotel to get him settle to see Marie. His reaction was just amazing! He was so happy to see is little girl on her wedding day! Everyone quickly headed off to the church since it was an early 11am ceremony. The grand Cathedral Basilica was the perfect place for this grand couple to get married. They may have not met in the most grand way possible, on bumble. But when they did it was a grand romance leading to this perfect day. The entire week prior to the wedding had temperatures in the upper 90’s and even over 100 a few days. However, it was much nicer on their wedding day. Of course, still a warm June day but they got really lucky with the low humidity and breeze. This made taking photos in the park much nicer. The family and wedding party stopped by the Boathouse for lunch and relaxed a bit before we headed out to do photos. It was nice to see a couple have time to relax with everyone instead of just running from one thing to the next all day long. The photos we captured together are exactly what we expected. We got lots of laughs, smiles, kisses and interacting with friends. They are going to cherish these photos forever! Marie and Tim were able to arrive early to the reception so they had time to greet guest during the cocktail hour. It is always a good idea to plan time to talk with the people that are there to celebrate with you. We are happy that we also had the opportunity to celebrate with this grand couple. Of course, since we have worked with them a few times we are hoping to continue our relationship into the future. Congratulations, Tim and Marie.   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #weddingphotos #summerwedding #forestpark

Amy and Andrew get married

Amy has known about our studio since she was in high school. That’s right, she is one of our Notre Dame girls! We are proud that she thought of us when she started her wedding planning. She knew that we would provide exactly what she wanted. Time has gone by so fast that it was crazy to call Amy to go over all the details for the wedding day. She is a very detail and organized person. Amy, admittedly so, has a hard time letting go of the organization. However, we felt like she truly trusted us in everything we did on the wedding day. When she arrived at the church to get ready she was a bit nervous since Andrew and the boys were running behind. That didn’t change much on our end since we were very flexible. We just moved any photos before the ceremony to afterward. It would make everyone anxious to try and push the photos before the ceremony, just take some time to relax. Prior to the wedding day the forecast called for rain, but luckily it all cleared up. It was actually a bit warmer than expected. Amy provided a list of important photos, most of them we always do at weddings, but we are happy to get all the special photos a couple wants during their wedding day. The wedding party was happy to have time on the party bus to enjoy as we headed to Faust Park to take photos. Andrew and Amy were finally able to relax and enjoy the day together. The unexpected heat caused everyone to find patches of shade as we walked to a few different locations. The group of friends gave us many opportunities to take fun photos in addition to the traditional park images. We worked our way to the reception location which also had a few picturesque locations for Amy and Andrew.  We took some time to utilize those, but worked quickly so we could get to the party. The toasts at the reception were centered around how great Amy and Adam two are for each other. Of course, Cudi, their dog was mentioned a few times too! We hope to continue our relationship with Amy and Andrew in the future. Bring Cudi along for the next photo session.   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #weddingphotos #springwedding

The wedding of Samantha and Jordan

Samantha and Jordan had a wonderful, but windy, wedding day in April. When Samantha arrived at the church she immediately said she wasn’t nervous all morning. However,  walking into the decorated church and seeing her dress hanging in the bride’s room gave her an excited but nervous feeling. She had her group of bridesmaids to keep her calm as they all got ready for the day. Jordan arrived with his groomsmen shortly after the girls. From the moment he got out of the party bus to the moment we left that night he was smiling from ear to ear. As we took photos in front of church he was welcoming the guest with a big wave. There are not many brides that love a whole church full of people looking at them as they walk down the isle. Samantha was no exception but having eyes on Jordan with her dad by her side really helped. The ceremony had all the usual moments but also included lots of laughs from the couple as they listened to the priest speak. He knew exactly what to say to ease some of the nerves. The wind really picked up as we headed to the park with the wedding party. Samantha was hoping for an area where we could hide from the wind but that really wasn’t possible. However, it only takes a split second to take a photo despite having to wait for the wind. We were able to capture so many great park photos that the couple will have a hard time narrowing down. The images show the love they have for each other while also depicting all the fun of the day. It was fabulous to get to spend so much time with this great wedding party. The reception started off with a few photos on the patio balcony of the Lemp Grand Hall. Samantha and Jordan were relaxed and ready to party at this point in the day. The energy in the room surrounding this couple was just amazing! We are so glad they had a wonderful day, they deserved it, as well as many more years as husband and wife.       #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #weddingphotography #springwedding #weddingphotos #lempgrandhall

Sarah and Chris

We photographed a family photo for Chris a few years ago and he was happy with the results so when he got engaged he called us to photograph some engagement photos. Sarah also enjoyed working with us and so we received the honor of photographing their wedding. The day began at the hotel with the girls and guys getting ready. Of course, they were in two different rooms so we hopped back and forth until they were ready to meet the families in the lobby. Chris and Sarah wanted to keep with tradition and not see each other before the ceremony so we started with photos of Chris before he headed to the ceremony. Once we finished up with the girls we followed along to the church as well. Chris seemed a bit nervous, yet he was so happy all morning, and having his friends around helped calm him. Sarah was ready to walk down the aisle as soon as she was dressed. She was so elegant with her hair down and a sleek gown, Chris was surely going to grin from ear to ear when he saw her. Yes, he did! The priest at the church mentioned that he was just introduced to the couple shortly before the wedding. He said that they were so welcoming to him and easygoing about him doing the service instead of the original plan. That exactly explains this couple, they are very relaxed and well-balanced. In the fall you really don’t know what type of weather you will get but these two were super lucky. We enjoyed the wonderful day taking photos around Forest Park after the ceremony. Being close to the reception, which was at the zoo, helped us to capture every moment with this couple and wedding party. We headed to the zoo, which was also having the boo at the zoo event, and I think some of the little kids thought they were just dressed up for Halloween. With so many out-of-town wedding guests, it was truly a special event seeing this couple surrounded by so many people. Literally, the DJ had the whole room circle the couple for a song, it was perfect to get some photos of everyone around them. We hope they had a wonderful day and enjoyed the honeymoon!   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #fallwedding #weddingphotos #sayidostlzoo

Megan and Mason

An amazing summer wedding with wonderful families! This wedding was fun and excited from the first moment we arrived to the moment we left the reception. Starting off at the house with Mason and the groomsmen gave us the opportunity to get some rare photos of the grooms accessories while the men relaxed. Mason was ready to start the day, despite the heat, he was up for posing outside to get the best photos of his childhood home. The girls were also having a wonderful morning getting ready at the hotel. We met up with them to get those final touches of make-up and putting in the veil. Megan seemed very calm as she got watched everyone getting ready to go. She had her mom and sister at the hotel to help her into the dress, put on shoes and jewelry – perfect photos! A first look with the bridesmaids followed by a first look was a great way to start of the wedding day. Dad’s expression when he saw his daughter was just pure joy!

A traditional neighborhood wedding followed by a stop to the neighborhood hot spot really set the mood for the rest of the day. Fun and excitement! This group truly had a great time all day long and we were there to capture it. Megan and Mason said that even though we were dealing with a bit of hot weather that they knew photos were important, they wanted the best photos they could get, so with a few fans in tow we walked to some shady spots in the park to capture their memories. These two really got more than they expected when it came to the photos of their group. Everyone was looking forward to the reception and we expected nothing but a big party. The dance floor was packed all night long, the guest were enjoying the atmosphere and the time the couple spent talking with them. This wedding was a perfect summer wedding for a perfectly matched couple. We wish them the best of everything!

May not be the first, but you are the last!

Kim was getting married and talked to some friends about their experience with a wedding photographer. We know that our couples love working with us so we were not surprised to hear that Kim got our name from someone we recently photographed. We even got to see them at the wedding! A short ceremony at a winery with about 80 guest is no reason to think a photographer is not needed. Sometimes we hear “it’s just a little event” or “family members can take some iphone photos” These words are not music to our ears, we hate to see any event go un-professionally covered. Kim and Dave had the right idea of hiring us, even for just a few hours. We have hourly packages perfect for these types of events. Upon our arrival everyone was also arriving with the decorations, the girls were ready to get dressed and the venue – Wild Sun Winery – was happy to accommodate anything the guests needed. Because we did a first look with all the photos before the ceremony I asked Kim the same thing I ask all the brides. Does she want to tap Dave on the shoulder for him to turn around and see her or does she want him to watch her walk over to him. Kim said that she wanted Dave to pick, he decided he wanted to watch her walk over to him. He knew that he wanted to take a moment to look at her with a giant smile coming toward him. This was not the first wedding for either of these two, but Kim stated in her vows – you may not be the first but you will be my last. These words were so wonderful to hear since this newly formed family of 6 seemed perfect together. Dave’s girls said a few words during the ceremony, it was a surprise to him, and it brought a tear to many eyes. These two look very happy together and I was honored to help celebrate with everyone. The photos are going to be something for them to have forever – but we do hope these are not the last family photos they take. We would enjoy working with them again to do more sometime in the future. Congratulations! 

#ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #weddingphotos #springwedding


A spring wedding for Kim and Grant

Kim called in early 2020 during the time our studio was closed to talk about wedding packages. Although we were closed to clients coming in the office we were there to answer the phones and make sure everyone could reach us to schedule upcoming events. We knew that we wouldn’t be shut down forever! We had done a wedding for Kim’s sister so she knew that as long as we were available that she would be selecting a wedding package. Who knows what would be happening in May of 2021 but she was hopeful that everything would be back to normal. As the wedding day approached we talked about the possibility of spaces shutting down again or the mask wearing restrictions. Kim and her fiance, Grant, were so excited that instead of closing all the venues and mask wearing was easing a bit. They were looking forward to celebrating in a way as normal as possible after everything this past year. We arrived to greet a house full of girls getting ready, with 8 bridesmaids and 4 flower girls it was a frenzy of girls all over doing hair and make-up. Surprisingly they were running pretty much on time! Kim and Grant decided that they did not want to see each other prior to the ceremony so instead we did all the photos of the groomsmen first followed by all the photos of the bridesmaids. This way we were able to save time after the ceremony and focus on photos of the newly married couple together. The day just went by so fast that it seemed like we were doing photos of them together before we knew it! A very accommodating wedding party listened to the strict instructions of go behind the venue to the lake and don’t stop at the bar or talk to anyone. They all did as they were told so we quickly were able to get those photos done so they could go mingle. Kim and Grant spent a bit more time enjoying each others company as we did photos and the video guys got some wonderful drone footage. I’m sure there was lots of stress going into this event not knowing what they would be allowed to do, however as Grant stated in his speech it was amazing for everyone to come out and freely celebrate with them. They were so grateful to have such a perfect day. We wish them all the best and know we will see them again. 

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Becky and James Finally Celebrate

Becky and James have been waiting what seems like forever to celebrate with family and friends. Their wedding was scheduled for April of 2020. Well we all know what happened in spring of 2020! They pushed the event back to June in hopes that they would be able to continue as planned with the reception. However, sadly that didn’t work out either. These two made the decision to get married with a small ceremony at home and just a few guest in June 2020. Then the reception would be moved to a date that everyone felt more comfortable gathering together. May of 2021 was that time! Finally, Becky got to wear her wedding dress that has been in hiding for over a year. We met this couple at a family home in Waterloo for unique images on the property. The originally venue was no longer available for the rescheduled date so the first plan of taking all the photos in one location had to be changed. I think these images are more special since it’s a family home that Becky and James were welcomed into as they finally got to celebrate their marriage. James gave Becky a “wow” when he saw her for the first time in her dress. A perfect reaction after he has been waiting so long to see his beauty. The weather called for rain but we got in all the photos before a drop hit the ground. We were very lucky with all the locations close together for us to take photos. They are going to have a very hard time picking photos from these images as well as the images taken back in June. I’m sure they will decide to keep many of them as a reminder of two wonderful days that made up their wedding celebration. The reception was filled with smiling faces who were very excited to be there for Becky and James. The toast spoke of how perfect these two fit together, how they have been enjoying married life for almost a year and the excitement that finally everyone was able to be together. They truly deserved this reception and we know they had a great time all night long. Congratulations! 

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Kate and Adam got married

Katie and Adam did not know what to expect when planning their wedding over a year ago. As we talked about the possible changes in number of guest or what would be allowed during their wedding they did not seem concerned as long as they were able to have some family members there and go ahead with the ceremony. As it approached they were very lucky that restrictions had been lifted a bit and they were able to continue their wedding as planned. We spoke a few weeks before the wedding about the locations that we would go on the wedding day. Katie and Adam had a list of places they wanted to go and it was unclear if we would be able to get it all in during the time we had. We knew that moving from location to location takes time but all you have to do is be aware of what time it is and make the decisions on where you will go in each location. When we arrived at the house to grab some photos of Katie getting dressed she was ready to get it started as soon as we arrived. We captured a few images of the details and then we got the show on the road by getting dressed and quickly leaving for the first look. As we prepared the first look location Katie was expecting it to be that Adam would cry when he saw her. Of course Adam was overjoyed and grinning from ear to ear but Katie was the one that shed a few tears when she saw him. We were able to get in many photos at our first location and then luckily found some great parking down by the arch and grabbed a few photos there as well. Theater was important to Adam so a photo in front of the Fox was a perfect addition to their wedding images. Finishing up at Tower Grove Park with the family photos and some impromptu images where Adam got down on one knee completed all of what the couple had envisioned for their wedding day. Except of course the ceremony! We arrived at the ceremony location Royal Orleans and had a little bit of time to relax and prepare before the guest arrived to witness their nuptials. Yet again Katie got a little teary-eyed as she walked down the aisle with her dad and afterward stated that she wishes she would’ve had a videographer to show that she was the one that shed some tears instead of what she thought would be Adam. A short cocktail time while they greeted some guests afterward was a nice moment for the couple to spend time with their guest. Once the dance floor opens we could not believe all of the dance moves that Adam had. He was really excited to get out there and have a great time. It was fun for us to see these family members relaxing a bit and having fun together not worrying about the fact that there was a chance they wouldn’t have even been able to get together. We congratulate Adam and Katie and we look for forward to working with them again #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #towergrovepark #familyphotos #lafayettepark #thearch #weddingimages #springwedding