When you are expecting a baby there are hundreds of things to think about, especially if it’s your first child. Often parents don’t realize how fast time goes because they are probably not even sure what day it is after the baby arrives. Rachel and Ryan got home with baby Lucas and decided they wanted to contact a photographer to schedule a newborn session. Call after call they were told 3 weeks is a bit old for a traditional newborn session also some of the pricing quotes they were getting were in the thousands! Lucky for them they came across our name bringing their search to an end. We do suggest newborn photos in the first two weeks however it never too late to take photos of your children. All that means to us is maybe a larger basket, poses that give baby a bit more space, wraps may be the only option or baby might hate them already. We are ready to roll with whatever happens to create the best newborn images possible. Lucas slept for the first part of the session and then decided he wanted to eat. After a quick snack we were able to work through a few other set ups to include the items mom had brought. We LOVE when parents bring items that are personal to them, really anything is great. Just a simple white blanket smells like your house so if baby is getting fussy familiar smells are good to calm them. We were able to us a play mat that decorates Lucas’s room as well as some Blues gear to show off his St. Louis pride already. He seemed to prefer to be the center of attention because when we moved him to take photos with his parents he was not as happy as when we were doing photos of him alone. He might start his independence a bit early! We enjoyed meeting this family, hoping to see them again soon. Perhaps we have new birthday club members soon. #ravettaphotography #familyphotoshoot #stlphotographer #stlouis #studiosession #newbornsession
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