It’s been a while since we have seen this birthday club family. Basically the whole world, including our studio,  shut down in 2020 so we skipped the birthday photos last year. And this year we met outdoors so the boys could have a little bit more fun running around the park, instead of photos at home like we have done in the past. They have really grown so much since the last time! When we met them at the park the boys were definitely ready for photos with smiles and talking to us right away. No shy children here, they were very good listeners as well as directors to each other. We got started with some family photos first and then because the boys were old enough to get those great smile looking at the camera photos we threw in some silly photos. We think that you need to let the children have some fun as well as doing some of these post pictures. The boys enjoyed playing in the flowers at the park with a  peekaboo game behind them and then, of course, showing off their best pose at the end of the session. These poses gave us some cute personality photos! The images we captured of the family interacting and the kids with mom show how much these little ones love their parents. It was great to see everyone and I know that we captured some perfect images to hang in the house. As we walked around the park mom said that they were leaving the same day to go on a little trip with the boys but they did not know about it. We really hope that they had a great time because they truly deserve it after all of the great work that they did during your photo shoot

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