Weddings schedule so far in advance that there is no way of knowing what type of weather the day will bring, but most couples just have plans for all cases and enjoy the day no matter what. This spring our couples were surprised with another factor to consider as the wedding day approached…the stay at home order and the maximum of 10 people in a gathering. The current situation is not something any of us would have thought to make a backup plan. Each couple has made a unique decision for their event, some have postponed a few months others a whole year. Courtney and Jon decided that they wanted to move forward as planned. Yes less people would be there, the venue was not available and their photos now included everyone wearing masks. However they still got married while surrounded by loved ones. When I spoke with Courtney we made adjustments to the timeline of the day and talked about the people that would be in attendance. Getting ready at their home was much quieter than normal since it was only a few people but really other than that it wasn’t any different than all the other weddings. The flowers arrived, the dress hung in the bedroom, the jewelry was set out and everyone there was ready to get the day started. Courtney and Jon decided to do a first look at SLU with the clock tower in the background. The weather was beautiful and the campus didn’t have too many people walking around, this created the perfect backdrop for Jon to see Courtney for the first time. It was a great moment and even though we were pretty far away at this point we could see the happiness on their faces. We walked around the campus getting some picturesque images for them. The families met us at the next location so we could get all of those images done prior to the wedding as well. Since we were outside it was easier for everyone to keep socially distant from each other. We had to take a few photos with masks because this is such a unique situation right now that those images will be a part of history. The wedding ceremony was still held the church as planned but the pews were empty. However having a photographer and videographer present Courtney and Jon will be able to share this moment with everyone soon. As they exited the church they were surprised by some family members spread out in front of the church with signs and balloons. A wonderful moment showing that no matter the distance they will always have family supporting them. The reception moved to the groom’s family home. It was great that they were able to have a space to celebrate Courtney and Jon. Another surprise when they arrived was a new way to do a receiving line, guests lined up in their cars and drove by waving and wishing the couple a happy marriage. The reception continued with all the normal wedding events – cake, toast, dinner, dancing. Of course to keep with the theme of supportive family members the evening also included a zoom call with some out of town people. Honest Courtney and Jon never imagined their wedding would look like this but considering everything going on in the world it was a perfect event. I’m glad we were able to be a part of it. #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #springwedding #weddingphotos

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