Darci and Ian planned a February wedding with no idea what the weather would have in store. We discussed options for photo locations. Luckily they planned to get ready at a nearby hotel, this always gives a few options to do photos if we are unable to go outside. The wedding was at Sunset Hills Banquet center, with the golf course being right outside the door we had more options to do photos outside. We could walk out do a few photos and then go back inside to get warm. We had multiple options in place with the couple. The great part was we had a wonderful day so we through all those back up plans out the window! We arrived at the hotel to capture the wedding party getting ready. The girls were moving along and staying on time – not always a common thing when we show up wedding morning. The boys were also prepared for some photos in the hotel room…perhaps too prepared! They were ready to have fun from the moment we walked in the door and this continued the entire day. Their energy really helped everyone forget it was a bit chilly outside. However when you think about the weather we could have had, we would say it was a beautiful day. The first look happened in the hotel so Darci and Ian could spend a few moments together before we headed to the ceremony location. With ample photo spots right outside we did all the photos before the ceremony. The sweet and candid moments were plentiful with this couple. We captured many photos of them interacting with each other. And it was such a wide range of photos too, from kisses on the cheek to Ian picking Darci up and carrying her across the field. It will be very hard for them to narrow down the favorite photos. It didn’t help that the wedding party was having such a great time too. The family even arrived early for photos. This gave Darci and Ian time to really enjoy time with them instead of being rushed from one location to the next. A short ceremony lead right into the reception, exactly what they had planned – get to the party quickly. But not before we took a moment for some sunset photos. The day just went so smoothly from start to finish! We were happy that we captured all the moments of the day. Thanks for letting us be a part of your memories. #winterwedding #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #weddingphotographerstlouis

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