Ella and Thomas decided to use us as their wedding photographer because of a friend’s recommendation. We looked forward to this summer wedding. We love when our clients are so happy that they don’t think twice about telling others about their experiences.

The day started off at St. Peter’s Church in Kirkwood. We knew it was going to be a very warm June weekend so the wedding party enjoyed the indoors as much as possible. Each person that arrived to the church was smiling from ear to ear the whole time. The siblings of Ella and Thomas were so excited to introduce each other as “my new brother-in-law”. As expected Thomas got a tear in his eye when Ella came down the isle. Her dad joked about his stern look toward Thomas as he gave Ella away. He said he knew Thomas was perfect for his baby girl but he wanted one last moment to make sure Thomas knew it as well.

When the ceremony concluded we took the opportunity to take some casual photos around the streets of Kirkwood. The wedding party was great at showing lots of personality that worked well in all the photos. Despite the heat everyone was having a fun time at this summer wedding!

The reception was at the Butterfly House in Faust Park. But since we had some more time we took photos around the park before going in to the Conservatory with Ella and Thomas. While we took park photos the boys started having even more fun posing with cowboy hats and striking a Napoleon pose. They kept the girls laughing the whole time we were there.

The reception was under a tent in the garden at the Butterfly House. We enjoyed watching everyone have the time of their lives. They were dancing and having fun together the whole night. Pretty sure at some point everyone forgot it was over 100 degrees outside.

Ella and Thomas were enjoying their wedding day so much that we have hundreds of photos of them together. They will cherish them all forever!

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