There are times we photograph a family or child every few months. They could be members of our birthday club or perhaps like to take advantage of the specials we run monthly at our studio. Other times we get a call from someone that we haven’t seen in a while because they have been busy with the kids. That was the case with this wonderful family because it has been a few years seen we saw them. Our spring special with live animals was the last time they came into our studio, but they didn’t forget what a great experience they had during that session. They knew contacting us for a maternity session was a perfect idea. We changed it up a bit by meeting them at the park instead of something in our office like the previous session. This park was close to them and we were excited to see a new location! We were not sure what to expect but what we got was an amazing family that helped us capture some amazing images in a lovely new park. The young girls were excited to take some photos showing off mom and their soon to be baby brother. We could tell that dad was excited to welcome a boy and share his name. As usual we got caught up in the moments taking so many photos that it will be very hard for this family to make selections. Stunning doesn’t even start to describe how this mom looks as she gets ready to welcome her little kings. Just look at these 4 photos and that is only a very small sample of the images they will have to remember this moment. We hope to work with them soon, perhaps we have a new birthday club member being born in October. #ravettaphotography #maternity #stlphotographer #outdoor

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