We find that often our birthday club family members have multiple children which means we get to see them more than once a year. During that first year we see them many times, something we greatly enjoy. Siblings often have birthdays at different points throughout the year so we can do various combinations at each session to make them unique. This session was for Hannah who turned 1 year old, we saw the family over the summer during the 8 month session. At that time we were also doing photos of big sister who recently turned 3. That session went very well that we were thinking it would be hard to top. We were wrong! Considering we saw everyone only a few short months ago we were surprised how much Hannah has grown. When we originally scheduled the session it was going to be just the girls and then Hannah for her 1 year. We were happily surprised when we arrived to see the whole family ready for photos. Mom thought she would add a few of those in while we were at the park – heck yeah, we are happy to add on some fall family photos. As with any other session with multiple children the key is getting them to both look and smile at the same time. Mission accomplished, and even those photos we got of the girls playing are just the cutest and are sure to make mom smile! Family photos, sisters throwing leaves, a walk with dad, some ugga mugga nose kisses with mom – this session seriously had it all. We had such a wonderful time on a beautiful day in the park with them! Looking forward to seeing them at the next birthday club session. #ravettaphotography #birthdayclub #parkphotos #fallsession #outside #stlphotographer

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