Birthday club sessions are fun and we enjoy catching up with our families. With everything gone on we got a bit behind on scheduling this wonderful little girls one year session, she is actually 14 months. But that’s alright we were still happy to see her and how much she has grown over the past months. We have never done a session at home with this family despite the fact that we have been doing photos with them for over 4 years. It was a great time to get this done while at the same time having a session that is more personal to them at home. Being August of course it was warm but since we have all be working together for so long we knew exactly what we wanted so we could work quickly. Of course a nice family photo was how we got started. First of all this helps the kids warm up to photos without mom and dad just putting them down and walking away. With mom and dad in the photos it puts them at ease about us being at their house. After we got some amazing family images it was time to focus on the girls. We sat them down for a photo together and the lovingly looked at each other. Oh my, that image had to be captured! They just looked so sweet and who knows how long that will last. Since we were there for a one year photo shoot we finished up with single images of the birthday girl. She was walking so we had to be careful where we placed her and at the same time she was very smart about where she wanted to stand. Of course we worked with that and didn’t force the issue on any pose because we know that would just make a for sad little girl. The funny part was as much as she walks mom wasn’t sure she had ever walked barefoot in grass so when we put her down she just stood still, very unsure of what was touching her feet. Helpful to keep her in one spot but the smiles were harder to get because she was concerned about the tickles on her toes. Overall we got great images yet again and we will see you in the fall for another birthday club session. #birthdayclub #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #oneyear #familyoutside

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