We know that our clients are very busy and often photos tend skip their mind. We don’t hear from them in a while, however we know our clients are loyal to us and will come back when the time is right to do the family photos again. We got a call from this exact client who we haven’t seen in a few years but she knew that it was definitely time to get some updated photos. The original plan was to do something in September however it was actually fairly warm no color in the trees and that’s what they were looking for in a look at the photos. Moving the appointment to October was a good option, it was a beautiful day with lots of colors however we did have to work a lot with the wind. When we arrived it was actually crazy to see how big the boys have gotten since the last time we’ve seen them. In just a few short days mom is going to have a teenager on her hands! Of course when working with two boys, 6 and 12, it is very common that we’re gonna get some of those goofy smiles. However once we got them talking about their favorite things or even just getting them to laugh it was easy to get the more natural relaxed smiles that mom loves. Since the family photos went so smoothly, as well as images of the boys together, mom and dad thought why not snap a photo of the two of them and some head shots that they can use on social profiles for work. It was a great idea to just knock out everything during one session however we hope this doesn’t mean that it’s gonna be awhile before we see them again. Perhaps they can get in a mini session sometime in the spring or even next fall. It was great catching up and we know you will like all of your photos! #ravettaphotography #family #outside #parkimages #stl

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