Every day on social media we see people asking for suggestions on a photographer. We often respond to these suggesting our studio in the hopes that of the many suggested photographers we are viewed and selected. One day we threw our name out there for a woman looking to do a family session. She had just had another baby wanted to update photos. She didn’t get a chance to have any pictures with a new baby in the hospital. We talked about the best date and location option, decided to meet at the sculpture park in Sunset Hills. Having multiple children she mentioned that going into a photo session she typically does not have high expectations, never knowing what type of mood the children will be in. She just likes to have updated photos as they grow so it was our mission to hopefully make this the best family session they have had. Giving them too many options on the photos to pick that they just need to get them all. Since this is the first time we had worked with his family when we arrived at the park we did some introductions hoping to get the children a little more comfortable with us. We got started right away and everyone followed directions very well getting into the spots that were requested of them. As soon as we started we could see what mom meant on the cheesy or fake smiles. No problem for us, we just started with our silly tricks and got the children to loosen up a little bit. Mom even mentioned something about one of them slipping and falling one day, of course they didn’t get hurt, but this really had all the kids cracking up with your very best smiles. We did take a few extra moments to get some photos of the baby since up to this point he is the least photographed member of the family, being only five weeks old. The session actually went as smoothly as we could’ve hoped! We would be excited to have the opportunity to work with his family again in the future. Surely they will enjoy all of their wonderful photos that we captured. #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #parkphotos #family #fall  

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