We often get calls at our office to capture family memories for a variety of reasons, family in town, birthday, just time to update photos or it’s a yearly thing for them. However, even though these are all happy reasons we have gotten some calls to take photos for other reasons too. Perhaps this might be the last time a family member could be in the photos, or someone is moving away. While this is very sad it is no reason to shy away from taking those photos. This family has worked with us before. When they got the news about a very special member of the family they knew a photo might help everyone. They have two senior dogs and one of them might very soon cross the rainbow bridge. With three young children in the family mom knew it might be hard for them to say goodbye. She thought that a photo with the dogs together would help give the children some happy memories that they could look at forever. Of course, when we heard the news we were very sad for them, but glad they decided to come in for a family session. These family memories are a perfect way for the kids to make their beloved pet feel special. While also having the lasting photos of them together. We were sure to let the kids posed themselves a bit with their friends. They each had a photo with him so they could have the opportunity to have a personalized photo with him. Even though it was a sad situation, the family was happy to be creating these last memories all together. We don’t want anyone to feel that they should skip photos because someone in the family or a family pet looks “too sick”. Memories help you heal after a loss. Photos also create nice family memories for everyone involved. #ravettaphotography #overtherainbowbridge #stlphotographer #studiosession #familyphotos #studiofamilysession #family #includethepets #familyphotowithdogs

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