We have said it multiple times and I will continue to appreciate the referrals that we get from our clients. There was a family photo that we did back in the fall and because they enjoyed their experience so much they referred other family members to also have a session with us. The fall session that we did ended up being photographed in a bit of a rain drizzle because that was the best day that worked. We got some great images that the family now hangs on their wall. Oddly enough when we scheduled a time for the sisters family we did not realize it was also going to be a gloomy and a bit rainy day. However, because yet again it was the best day for the family we opted to have the studio as a backup location if the rain was too much. Luckily we were able to meet outdoors we just had to avoid some muddy spots in the park to capture the best images. This family consisted of a couple teenage girls who clearly have had their photo taken before because they posed perfectly and enjoyed the entire session. We also added in some full family photos because everyone was able to get together at the park including grandparents siblings and nieces and nephews. Don’t ever miss the opportunity to take as many family poses possible when you are able to get everyone together. With the chilly weather and all of the different options that the family wanted photographed we worked quickly and were able to get everything in, as well as, even some candid images of grandma underneath a blanket keeping warm with the kids and the little ones playing with aunts and uncles. It was a pleasure to work with this family again and we hope to have the opportunity to continue our relationship with them into the future.

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