Each month at our studio we have a special, whether it be a spring special with animals or a holiday themed set. Possibly even something random that we run throughout the summer! We also sent out a bi-monthly newsletter in order to keep everyone informed of what is going on at our office. We include things such as what we’ve been up to, new products at the studio, or even some upcoming events to watch out for in the future. After sending out our most recent newsletter we got an email from a past client, who we haven’t seen in a few years, looking to take advantage of one of our half-price fall sessions. These are very popular in the to update those photos and grab some pictures with the fall colors in St. Louis. Luckily the day that they had in mind worked out perfectly in our schedule and they fit right between two other previously scheduled sessions. When we originally spoke we were going back-and-forth between doing a mini session or a full session. Utilizing the entire hour was really the best option because they had many ideas in mind that they wanted to take care of at this time. Nobody wants to be rushed or forget a photo they wanted. We often tell our clients the full session will give you more flexibility in posing locations and combinations of your family. We started off doing all sorts of combinations with the older children while the youngest and newest member of the family continued his nap. Of course with everything going on right now there are not very many photos of the baby. Once he woke up we were sure to capture him in many combinations with his siblings, with mom, with dad – all of the moments that were previously missed due to the Covid restrictions. Mom mentioned that these photos are very important to her, of course they’re important to everybody so we made sure to get great images from everything! She’s going to be very excited to see these photos and share them with friends and family. After some serious photos, some playtime photos, even a little song and dance, we had captured pretty much everything that they could have ever wanted! We know that they are going to enjoy these photos surely we’re going to work with them again in the future! #ravettaphotography #family #parkphotos #outside #stlphotographer

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