We know sometimes the days seem long but even though we are living fast paced lives, make time for photos. It can be hard to find a time to get everyone together between school and extra activities. As our birthday club members get older the sessions are easier. Putting it together at home with the outfits, timing and maybe a bit of bribing might be the harder part. We were able to squeeze this session in on a perfect fall day. It is always a gamble with the weather and the leaves but they got a perfect weekend. The park was covered with colorful trees and even some leaves on the ground to play in. This family took a moment from their fast paced lives to make time for photos. When we met in the park the kids seems a bit sleepy. I guess we disturbed their normal weekend relaxing. Who are we kidding, these kids are up and going to all sorts of games on the weekends. Perhaps photos are boring to them and put them to sleep. Either way we woke them up with some silly stuff and got going on the session. We had to pack in lots of different things since all three kids are in the birthday club. The plan was to get individual photos, family photos and also the siblings together. We did all those photos with some silly stuff mixed in. Photos with mom and the kids and dad with the kids even made the list since they were doing so well. They had so many photos this time, the sessions are getting easier as the kids get older. They almost pose themselves sometimes, or at least they think they do which makes some great personality photos of the kids. We enjoy working with them each time we meet and look forward to many more birthday club sessions. Of course, we will get them squeezed into the schedule because even though we are fast paces, we need to make time for photos.     #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #birthdayclub #fallphotos #outdoorsession #familyphotos #famiysessionoutside #havingfun #onthemove

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