Sometimes getting a family together for a family portrait can be quite a chore. Dave contacted us knowing he wanted to do a family portrait for Mother’s Day but was limited on the time that he would be able to get the family together due to the children being out of town. He originally thought a mini session would be plenty but his wife was thinking she wanted more time and options. I’m glad they made that decision because we were able to really show off this families personality in the photos. Dave was finally able to come up with a day which not only were the children able to come but the significant others and the dogs came as well. We met at Tower Grove Park on a beautiful day to capture these wonderful images. One set of family members came directly to the park from their drive home. Anything for mom, right?! Considering we were working with six adults we were able to get so many combinations of photos including everyone together, images of the couples, sibling photo,s and of course the granddogs. Mom was joking that her daughter in vet school has a very well behaved dog and her son‘s dog needed a bit more training. We also noticed that her son loved being in front of the camera, posing with his mask over his eyes and laying on the tree for some solo shots. One of my favorites is his sister in the back laughing at him, I bet they had a great time together when they were growing up. Everyone enjoyed the time they were spending together which really showed in their photos. We hope that when they are all gathered together in St. Louis some other time that we will be able to photograph them again. It was such a fun session and we know they will cherish these photos forever.

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