Everyone has milestones throughout life and we are here to capture those first milestones. We started off with wedding photos  for this great couple. They are approaching their first anniversary with a new addition to the family. When they came in to pick up their wedding album we were excited to hear that they would be contacting us for newborn photography. Once baby arrived mom and dad quickly called our office to get an appointment. We know how important it is to get newborn photos within the first few weeks. Those are the days when baby is sleepy and very easy to pose. We were able to find a time that worked out great for mom and dad to bring baby into our studio. An alternative would be to have us travel to your home for the newborn session, whatever is easiest for you. We were shocked to see how relaxed and comfortable these first time parents were when they arrived. Most parents arrive with bags of baby gear, car seats, multiple outfits and anything else they can think of to bring. Of course, we have props and wraps but love to incorporate any personal items into the session. This new family arrived with baby in dads arm and just a small bag with a few items. Wow, traveling light already! We hope that continues because kids start to accumulate many things they expect parents to carry. It was a breeze going through all the family photos because baby slept the whole time. Actually, other than a bit of fussiness between wraps he was a sleepy dude. Definitely one of those babies that has nights and day mixed up! And the roller coast ride from dad calmed him right down when needed. This little many loves to move, is that an indication of how fast he will be as a toddler? We are excited to find out. Welcome little dude and it was great to meet you.   #ravettaphotography #newbornsession #stlphotographer #studiosession #firstphotosession #newbornbabyboy

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