Kids grow and change so quickly, perhaps the fact that we have recently been ordered to slow our lives down gave some families a moment to realize how fast time passes. Caroline has had a few sessions with us now, thanks mom and dad for the continual support. When we first met Caroline she wasn’t walking – starting to a bit but needed help. Now at her 18 month session she is pretty much running! She has always had some wonderful personality showing through each time we met. But this time Caroline is exploding with personality that kept us laughing the whole session. She only took about 5 minutes after getting out of the car to turn on those smiles. Sometime when parents say “show us your teeth” we are greeted with a super big mouth wide open and eyes closed face. However Caroline had this look down pat, she just grinned at us and light up because she was so happy to show us her teeth. She also had no trouble showing off her knowledge of animal sounds, personally horse was my favorite! When we set up the appointment it was decided that a mini session would be just enough to capture this moment. It worked out perfectly because after about 20 minutes Caroline was not interested in staying still anymore. Although she did decide that she liked the chair we brought when just moments before she didn’t want to sit at all. When she had her fancy bracelet on she just wanted to take it off, but then when it was off she wanted it back on. This age group always keeps us on our toes, we are happy to dance around with you Caroline. I suspect during your next session we will be talking about those animals instead of just making the sounds. Thank you for getting us out of the office and allowing us the opportunity to spend time with your family. It’s always a pleasure! #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #forestparkforever #thejewelbox #springsession

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