Do you think that you have full hands? What about having a toddler and newborn twins, talk about full hand, but full of love! We knew that when the babies were born we would hear from mom to take some newborn photos. What we didn’t know is how perfect the session was going to go. Big brother was there to take photos with our bunnies so he patiently waited until his turn while his siblings had photos taken. We knew that we were going to match a few photos from the last newborn session so we started with those. Even at only a month old the babies were showing off their personalities. Leo was very chill and relaxed with everything going on around him. He also let us pose him in mom’s favorite squishy baby pose. Blair wanted us to know that even though she was small she had some things to say. We were able to also get a squishy baby photo of her, but she insisted that she be awake! The two photos are going to look great on the wall at home alongside big brothers. They each had a personalized blanket, which was a must to use in a few photos. Then we moved to photos together in the outfits that mom crocheted. These are going to be such special memories. Blair is just so tiny compared to her brother but we know that her personality is huge. Those brothers are not going to know what hit them when she is a toddler. We are so happy that we were able to meet the babies and also get some photos of big brother with the bunnies. He really had no interest in playing with them, which is better than not liking them at all. He did feed them some carrots and also pet them. Of course, this was in between happily running around the studio. It is going to be a pleasure watching these children grow and we are so lucky the family ensures these photo memories to us. We have full hands, but full of love for our loyal clients. Thank you.   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #newbornphotos #springphotos #studiosession #twins

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