Some of our couples are fun, some of our couples are romantic and then we have those that are BOTH! This fun and romantic engagement session was just what we needed before the heat wave. We knew that the wedding photos would be taken in Forest Park so we decided to explore Tower Grove for the engagement session. The park is usually busy on the weekends so we picked a few spots at are a bit less travelled. These areas really gave us the opportunity to get creative without having to worry about people in the background. From the very first pose we knew it was going to be a fun and romantic session. Natalie and Jalen just fit together perfectly. They look loving at each other, they snuggle up, they act silly and they are up to go wherever we think might look nice. We started off with some simple backgrounds so we could completely focus on them. We could see the emotions, their hands linked together and the loving nuzzles as they got close together. This lead the session into some fun photos as Jalen twirled Natalie around a bit ending with a dip. Since we are at the park so often we enjoy utilizing new things, even if those things are not permanent. Some random cut down trees gave us the perfect high to take some hugging photos. Natalie got a bit of saw dust on her dress but we brushed it off while we walked a bit farther. We found a really nice field of flowers and a water feature. Since we had already done some intimate close ups and some fun photos this was a great opportunity to just let them interact. Like a photographer hiding while getting those moments that matter. The last thing before we ended was a fun trick where they “throw” each other a bit. It always ends in laughter, this was no exception, their wedding day is going to be so much fun. We know there will be a bit of romance in there too, see you next month.

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