The Birthday Club allows us to see this beautiful family multiple times a year! We enjoy catching up and getting the opportunity to capture the important milestones of each of their children’s lives. This year we’ve seen them even more as we’ve been celebrating the youngest of the three’s first year! Not this time though – our focus was all on Aiden & Noah! After their busy morning of soccer, we met at Forest Park where the weather was perfect. (Sunny, but otherwise perfect!) The boys took their turns being photographed in between outfit changes, then we updated some family photos and got some shots of the big brothers with their baby sister! Mom even came prepared with a quilted blanket, which made for a cozy sibling photo. Sometimes it takes a few bribes for those non-fake smiles. In this instance, “Bakugan” did the trick! Little did we know, Bakugans are small transforming toys that become various creatures after you throw them down or hit them on something metal. We got to check them out after the shoot! How fun! It’s always helpful to bring some extra hands to your session. Dad kept Adelynn busy while it wasn’t her time to shine, but the boys are pros at this point, so he didn’t have to keep her busy for long! We ventured around the Jewel Box and ended our session at a giant structure the boys enjoyed climbing onto. The number of times we have been to Forest Park is unbelievable, but we always find a way to make each session unique! Aside from all the location possibilities within the park, they are constantly changing up the horticulture. Birthday Club sessions are a constant reminder of how valuable photographs are. These kids grow so much in a years’ time! We love capturing these milestones – from newborn to twelve years old. This family is never too busy to squeeze in a session at a nearby park! #brothers #forestparkforever #ravettaphotography #birthdayclub

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