We really enjoy seeing our growing families. Each time a new child is added we get to meet them and create memories. When a family of 4 becomes a family of 5 we are excited to document the moments. We enjoy seeing our growing families because it gives us a chance to catch up with them during the session. We photographed Abby and Jeff’s wedding many years ago. Then when they started a family we had the honor of capturing those moments. Sadly, when their second was born it was right before everything shut down so we were not able to newborn photos for them. However, this time around we welcomed the phone call saying they were about to have a third child. Abby called to get more information on how to set up the appointment before he had even arrived. It seemed like we heard back from her very quickly because Julian had decided to come a bit early. They were happy to find an appointment quickly so they could get those much needed family photos. We never know what to expect with sibling but these older siblings couldn’t have been any more perfect. They just loved their little brother! They were excited to take any photos with him that we asked and then also requested a few of their own ideas too. We were able to get perfect family photos and sibling images too. These photos are going to be a special memory forever! While the older kids played we focused on photos of Julian. Mom mentioned that he is always moving and she wasn’t kidding. He was either moving his arms or legs, then when those were all wrapped up he was moving his head or eyes. Such a curious little man! Since his best photos were him all wrapped up we focused on those, getting some definite wall worthy images. Of course, big sister came back into the studio a few time to check on her baby brother to be sure he was doing alright. She is just as talkative as Julian is wiggly – mom is going to be very busy with these two. Good thing big brother is around to help too. They are three great siblings who are very lucky to have each other for a lifetime. Thanks for letting us capture these memories of your growing family!   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #newbornsession #studiosession #familywithnewborn #babyboy  

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