Park sessions in the spring are a breath of fresh air because after being stuck inside all winter it is nice to get out and have fun with clients in the park. Especially right now because we have literally been stuck inside! Working with a family we have known for years makes the session even more fun. Our relationships often start with a wedding or engagement sessions then continue when the family grows. That is how we met this wonderful family. Of course when the kids arrived it was a given they would join our birthday club since it is the best deal for our clients. A onetime session fee and then free sessions with print discounts until your kids are 12! I think we might be crazy for offering such a perfect package but this allows us to get to know you even more, which is our favorite thing to do. I would like to thank our birthday club members for the continual support to our studio. It’s these clients that truly understand the importance of supporting a small business time and time again. We create a relationship with them that we even know their voice when they call to set up an appointment. All of our sessions are important to us but being a repeat customer is the best way for us to really get to know you. When we started off this birthday club session it was a bit chilly. The lighting was very nice in the shade but the kids were cold that it was best to move to the sun for a few photos. Working with twins and a toddler can be a challenge however mom wanted to get a bunch of different types of photos so that allowed us to give the kids some breaks. Usually starting off with some family photos so mom and dad can be done works well, we can always come back and do more but this way the kids also feel a bit better about being there since they can stay by mom and dad a bit longer. We will take a few different photos in hopes that we get everyone looking the best in one together – we got some great photos of this family! When we worked with each child individually is when we got to see the personalities of each of them. A sweet yet sassy little girl, a goofy but cooperative boy and then the constant moving toddler that knows exactly what he wants! Luckily we were able to work with that and get some nice smiles. We look forward to seeing them again later this year to catch up and have fun together again. #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #birthdayclub #parksession #springphotos

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