Sometimes there are sessions that we must schedule during days that we have an assistant, which includes more than one small child, big groups, newborn babies, etc. Sessions that are helpful to have an extra person but they are often times when it is just myself in the office and it works out better for the family to be scheduled on that day. That’s what happened for this one-year-old session. But with such a well-behaved little boy this session worked out perfectly. Except for when dad may have gotten his foot stuck in a hole at the park, sorry about that dad. He suffered in silence for a minute because he knew we were getting some great smiles, such a dad sacrifice! We were able to get some family photos first with laughter and smiles. We threw on some holiday hats to make them really look cheerful and winter-like. Then we decided to focus on baby Matthew who is growing so fast, not sure he can really be called a baby anymore. He is doing very well with standing up not yet walking any steps but to be honest that’s kind of helpful because if he doesn’t get away as fast when you’re trying to take photos. We did use a chair that was made by a family member and Matthews’s dad had his photo taken in it as well. Those traditions are always very heartwarming because we are the ones that get to create those memories. I will say we met in a unique location but you would never be able to tell from the photos and it shows that mom has a great eye when it comes to some cute little spots to do photos. Near their home is a cemetery that had a small pond, some nice trees so we were able to utilize this area. Of course, making sure do not to get any of the headstones in the photo. It’s actually probably going to be a funny story when told where these photos were taken but really you can’t tell. It was a location close to home and worked out perfectly, great eye mom! We look forward to the next session at 18 months where we are sure that Matthew is going to be running around and keeping us on our toes the entire time! #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #birthdayclub #oneyearphotos #outdoorsession

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