What would be a good gift for a mother? What about a mother that is expecting her second child? We think any mother would like photos! They can be photos of dad and the kids, just the kids but better yet include mom in those photos. She is probably often behind the camera so let her have a moment to in front of the lens. We got a call from Steve because he wanted to give Valerie a maternity session for mother’s day. Way to go dad!! We were not only excited about this wonderful gift but also that this great family was expecting another baby. We met at Forest park and talked to mom about what she wanted to do. Knowing her son’s short attention span she was hoping to get a few family photos and a few of him with her belly. Phillip did need a bit to warm up to taking photos but then he kept trying to get so close to the camera that I could only see one eye. We couldn’t stop laughing! He started getting very silly, wanting to just run and play. Mom talked to him about how important these photos were to her so it would make her happy if he stood and smiled for some photos. Well, that is exactly what Phillip did next. Such a great listener! We got some perfect images of him listening to his baby sibling, well he may have been told to listen to the flower on moms dress but hey whatever works, right. We know Phillip is going to be a nice big brother, we are looking forward to seeing everyone again in a couple months for a newborn session. A new birthday club member is always very exciting for us. Thanks for letting us capture these moments for your family.

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